Pitching the Benefits of Proper Sanitation to Your Clients

There are many reasons to pitch proper sanitation to your clients. It is essential to routinely clean any space where customers or employees frequently enter and pass through. Keeping a sanitized and neat place of business protects everyone who visits from contamination and illness — especially in industries dealing with food service. Customers are also more likely to feel comfortable in a space they do not view as dirty. As a contractor, you want to see the best for businesses you work with.

Encourage Clients To Maintain Good Habits

Customers are a reflection of you. When you contract with a company, it is in your best interest that they keep a clean workspace. Even if you directly sell your products or services to companies, a client operating at its best is a long-term client. Additionally, whenever you stop by a client’s location, you also risk getting your safety when you come into contact with a dirty or contaminated environment. You want your customers to be happy and healthy as well. It is never too late to make changes to better your business. Implementing small changes can make a world of difference in the experience you provide for customers.

Customers Trust a Clean Place of Business

Regardless of the industry, promoting good sanitation shows clients you care. Everyone has more peace of mind knowing they are not touching, sitting on or interacting with any bacteria-filled areas. First impressions can be everything, and the potential client may not be willing to take a chance on a company that does not have to seem orderly and disinfected. In industries where customers are likely to return for products and services, ensuring the location is hygienic every time is critical. If a customer sees there are persistent issues, they will likely draw conclusions about the business. In order to best position yourself as a reputable company, maintaining good practices and a clean location will increase the reputability of a business in any industry.

Great Sanitation Practices To Follow

Everyone benefits from good sanitation habits. Having a consistent schedule for sanitation and specific responsibilities helps keep on track. Some procedures may need to take place every day, such as cleaning off surfaces in a restaurant, while other practices may happen at different points. For example, the exterior windows of a business may need to be cleaned just twice a week. Some great suggestions include:
• Concentrate on areas with plenty of foot traffic
• Regularly dust to make sure dirt and other particles do not accumulate
• Clean the restrooms regularly, especially public ones

Areas such as entranceways, bathrooms, and other places where people browse will need more attention. Remember to mop or wipe floors, as people track in germs and debris from outside.

There Is More of an Emphasis on Safety Now

With all that is happening in the world, people are more concerned with sanitation as it relates to public safety. With international concern, people feel more secure in places where business owners and staff make taking care of upkeep a top priority. Depending on the kinds of business your clients operate, there are standards and regulations that have to be followed to keep patrons safe. Rules have also recently been adapted to increase the amount of scrutiny companies use when preparing to host customers. Some municipalities and private organizations have opted to require staff and patrons to wear face masks and other protective gear to help promote the safety of others. People will feel more trust when they see their favorite company taking their sanitation protocol to the next level.

Stay Consistent With Cleaning

A company that cleans more than required will be better perceived than a company that does not clean enough. Whether you decide to create a schedule for existing employees, create specific job roles, or however each business decides to proceed, cleanliness is key. Find the proper methods, products, and tools that work best for your building, materials, and guests. Different cleaning solutions either be too harsh or not strong enough, depending on the purpose. Understanding these differences and what will best work for your business is an important step for business owners or management teams. Ready to learn more about maintaining a professional appearance for your business? Subscribe to American Liquid Waste magazine for more valuable tips!

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