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Bogerro’s has been in business serving its local community for almost 100 years. A former South Carolina Small Business of the Year, the company was founded in 1938, and Bogerro’s proudly considers itself a family business and treats every employee as a valued family member. Both of the owners are sisters, carrying on the family tradition of hard work with fun. They are fast and efficient, promising a 100% guarantee on the work but making it look easy.
The youngest daughter Gene is a working owner/manager. She says her grandfather was 17 when he bought the original property, and he continued to live with his parents after he got married. When his first child was born, he bought the house next door, which is now the office where Gene works. Her father was involved with the company from the time he was 2 years old, and Gene says that they used to tie a rope around him so that if he fell into one of the septic tanks they could pull him out quickly.
Her grandfather died in 2007 and her father died in 2012, leaving Gene with the family business. She was ready for it because her father made her work for it. First, she worked in the office and on the trucks so she would really know how the business worked. Her father also made Gene get her college degree, so she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Accounting.

The Best Part of Working at Bogerro’s

According to Manager Amanda Plyler, the best part of working at Bogerro’s is getting to see the other employees every day. Not just a well-coordinated team, they act as a family, celebrating holidays and handling one job after another together, not forcing one employee to take up the slack or doing more than their fair share.
Ms. Plyler says that her job is to coordinate services and make sure everything runs right. While she says that it’s hard being a manager, she doesn’t mind the work at all and looks forward to coming in to work every day. Although the divisions are separate, they also work together, and Ms. Plyler frequently interacts with both sides of the business.
With two women as owners, it’s not surprising that they feel that a woman can handle any aspect of the business. As Ms. Plyler says, “[Just because a man normally does that kind of job,] a female can do the same thing. “When they’re out in the trucks, they only worry about staying safe and getting the work done quickly and efficiently. It’s a surprising amount of labor, but they respect the job and the customer’s needs first. An unusual aspect of Brogerro’s is that they offer 24 hours, 7 day a week service to make sure that any untimely disasters can be dealt with in a timely manner.


There are 5 trucks total used to handle both the septic and portable toilets, with 3 on the porta-potty side and 2 on the septic side. There are also cleaning supplies and dyes which need to be dealt with carefully, so Ms. Plyler says the best advice for anyone thinking of working personally in the field is to be careful. There is a great need for septic services and porta-potties, and Brogerro’s is constantly busy, helping out at regular sites and at all of the local big events, including parades. Well trusted in the area, Bogerro’s handles 400 porta-potties every week, not counting the extra special events every weekend.
Bogerro’s can get their equipment everywhere, even hard-to-reach sites like high-rise buildings. ANSI standards call for one portable toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour workweek, so many businesses need more help than they realize. Bogerro’s also has special sinks that multiple people can use at once. There are also special VIP units just for those upscale events where a regular unit wouldn’t look good or offer the right comfort and convenience, and Brogerro’s offers special features in those like sanitary hands-free flushing and a hidden waste tank, so it looks like a regular toilet as much as possible. Of course, there are also special handicap units for anyone who needs a porta-potty who has a disability.

The Future of the Business

There will always be a great need for this kind of service, so the question is how much one company can deliver and how competent they can be. Anyone wanting to move into this area of business needs only to look at what other people are doing and find something different that is not being offered but needs to be.
Gene says that the real problem comes with people who want to offer the same kind of services without following the rules. She says that people get trucks and offer to take care of people’s problems, but end up committing infractions like illegal dumping. She says that her father’s motto was that if you were going to do any job, you should be the best at it. She understands that people might be willing to give up an expensive coffee they are used to, but most people will hold out for a toilet that flushes.

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