7 Easy Steps To Keep Your Portable Restroom Fresh And Clean

Disinfect The Inside of Portable Restrooms

One important aspect of portable toilet maintenance relates to preparing the tank for future use. Refilling the tank with an additive that breaks down and disinfects waste is the usual procedure. To completely cover the inside of the restroom itself, a wide spectrum, anti-microbial fog is employed. Equally important as the product itself is the allowance for proper application and drying time.

Allow Time For Portable Toilets To Air Out
Keeping porta-potties closed unless they are in use might seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. While there’s no question that the smell can be overwhelming at times, much of the reason this is so is because the stench has no outlet. Leaving the door open for even a half-hour can make all the difference in the world. This is particularly important when the porta-potty receives a great deal of traffic and has been rented for an extended period of time.

Utilize The Deepest Blue And Best Odor Control Products
We offer the most rounded and complete odor-eating arsenal to combat malodorous conditions within portable toilets. A few standouts are our liquid blue Potty Fresh Plus, which is the most powerful product of its kind on the market today. It offers superior odor control at all times of the year and is kind to the environment. Additionally, our dry toss deodorizing packets offer the deepest blue color in the industry, stronger fragrance and more potent biocides than those found anywhere else. Learn more about our odor control 5-pack of products PT suppliers utilize to ensure complete, effective odor control and air freshening.

Add An Extra Layer Of Odor Control With Fresh Straps
This calls for the most effective blue chemicals, spray down deodorizers and our long lasting portable toilet Fresh Straps, which are loaded with fragrance that freshens portable toilets. They last for up to sixty days and they are fitted discretely on the portable toilet stack.

Keep Exteriors Presentable With An Anti-Graffiti Cleaner
Surco recently introduced the Tag Off Graffiti Remover, which is extremely, effective when used in conjunction with a Magic Eraser scrubbing sponge and a power washer. It is the most efficient graffiti-related product on the portable restroom market today, and it is designed to eradicate pencil and pen marks from bathroom surfaces that can be up to three years old.

Make Sure Odor Control Supplies Are Well-Stocked
All porta potties should be checked regularly without regard to how frequently they may or may not be used. Being well stocked at all times means replacing empty toilet paper rolls and cleaning tablets when necessary, refilling the hand sanitizer and replacing the air-freshener. Surco can arrange for regular product shipments so that there is never a shortage of necessary supplies.

Keep Touch Points Wiped Down And Clean
Some parts of a porta-potty are dirtier than others for the simple reason that they are touched more often during use. These points include: door handles, hand sanitizer dispensers and toilet paper holders. In dealing with these problem spots, a squirt of hand-sanitizer does nothing at all because hundreds of people are touching the very same points one after the other imprinting their microbes and pathogens upon them constantly.
Cleaning these troublesome points requires consistent effort and it is best achieved with a powerful cleaning solution and the application of what is known as the eight-fold method. This entails folding a clean rag over twice and using one side to wipe down the touch point. Then it can be turned over to clean another touch point. This tedious task can be made easier with a micro-fiber towel that is marked to indicate its different sections.

In Conclusion
Maintaining a portable restroom requires a strict agenda that is followed to the letter and superior products that provide superior, eco-friendly odor-control and freshness.
For portable sanitation companies, purveyors of portable toilets and potential distributors or redistributors who use their own private labels, joining the Surco family can only lead to good things.

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