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Chuck Corns, the owner/operator of One Way Septic Service in Huntington, WV, admired the truck drivers and local business owners in his community as a young man. Upon graduating high school in 1995, he followed in his family’s footsteps and started his own business, known affectionately by the locals today as “Rent-a-Kann.”

At an early age, Chuck was mentored by his uncle who taught him everything about the business. Throughout his teenage years, he accompanied his uncle on all kinds of septic service and waste disposal jobs. Today, Chuck follows his uncle’s example- taking calls, often urgent calls, and responding to septic system emergencies that- as he puts it, ‘would curl your nose hair.’

‘When customers call, we know that they are almost certainly in some kind of desperate situation. Septic problems are often desperate, and even if they aren’t- they tend to feel like they are.’

An Early Education in Sanitation

One Way Septic Service was built on a kind of cowboy mentality by which Chuck and his uncle would arrive on the scene of what was, more often than not, a sorely neglected residential or private septic system that had suffered a sudden and dramatic failure. When there was no one else to help, this uncle and nephew team would arrive- any time, day or night, and solve frightening septic problems.

Chuck’s eagerness to help his neighbors and the people in his community with problems that most people would run from- arms flailing- is a product of his uncle’s tutelage. He thinks back fondly of the man who taught him everything he knows. Today, Chuck does his best to live up to his uncle’s standard, helping folks in the Tri-State area with their septic needs, no matter how urgent or big the job may be. For over 30 years, Chuck has been working with the folks in his community, helping them solve troublesome septic problems, performing contractor services, and building his business into the formidable entity that it is today.

For a small operation, One Way Septic Service covers a lot of territory in Huntington and the surrounding area. They deliver and service high-quality portable toilets of the kind you’re likely to find at impromptu sporting events, construction sites, and other outdoor areas with a lot of activity. Generally speaking, that’s the core of the business Chuck has been building all of his adult life. But today, One Way Septic Service has matured into a multi-faceted, full-service, septic, and waste disposal company.

To get an idea of just how much the local community depends on Chuck’s range of services, just take a look at the events pages in any local paper and you’ll find One Way Septic Service on nearly every list of service providers for every major local event. These include weddings, sporting events, concerts, political rallies, fund-raisers, parades, fairs, car shows, campsites, disaster relief, and so much more. To put it plainly, just about any place in the Tri-State area where large groups of people are gathered, “Rent-A-Kann.”

A Small Company With a Long List of Capabilities

There are a lot of small septic service companies out there who will deliver port-a-potties and remove them when you’re done with them. But what’s hard to find is a Swiss Army Knife of a septic company like One Way Septic Service, a company that does just about everything.

Chuck says, “We handle everything from cleaning septic tanks, servicing grease traps, portable restroom service, deliver luxury restroom trailers, portable restrooms, and do just about any job related to them.”

Having expanded on the “septic cowboy” roots of the company, One Way Septic Service added the “Rent-A-Kann” component of One Way Septic in 2007- reaching a high-end septic service market that had formerly been neglected in Huntington, WV. With their glowing reputation and little in the way of meaningful competition, One Way Septic Service easily became the area’s premier source for high-end, luxury portable restroom facilities. Unlike many similar companies, the One Way Septic hasn’t taken this position of privilege for granted. They work hard to deliver quality products and service to every client and contract.

These luxury portable bathroom facilities are ideal for any outdoor or semi-outdoor event that needs a veneer of quality and professionalism. They feature HVAC, lighting, electricity, and are held to a much higher standard of finishing and upkeep when compared to the average “port-a-potty.”

Chuck says that advancing the company to incorporate these kinds of high-quality amenities has been a great comeuppance for One Way Septic Service. Since adding these capabilities, the company- which always had the respect of the community- gained the appreciation of the professional and the corporate community surrounding Huntington, WV.

Today, One Way Septic Service may be on the cusp of expanding into a major regional contractor. But as far as Chuck is concerned, they’re still doing the same thing they always have- helping people through their hour of need.


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