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More than 25 years ago, Allstate Power Vac Inc. began as a small, family-owned sewer company, incorporating in 1984. Today, it is a $50 million operation providing industrial cleaning and a wide array of related services to small and large corporations and municipalities nationwide. Still family-owned, its 260 employees staff 17 branch offices between Maine and Virginia.

In the last decade, Louis Galasso III, son of the founder, has taken over most of the operations, making himself available to his employees as well as to clients and suppliers. Putting his heart into the business, Galasso stays on top of trends and researches opportunities so he can continue to grow Allstate by branching into other segments of the industrial and environmental clean-up industry.

And he’s frequently on the scene, being seen.

“The hands-on makes a big difference,” says Donna Miller, Allstate’s compliance officer, of her boss. “He’s involved, and he knows what’s going on. I think that’s one of the reasons we do well.”

Mike Dello, CFO and general manager of the sewer services division, credits Galasso’s “open-door, hands-on policy” with the company’s recent growth and ability to stay at the forefront of the industry.

“He’s a teacher and a communicator, taking the time to show you what has to be done.” Pointing out that Galasso grew up in the business, he adds, “I’ve never known anyone with as much knowledge as he has.”

From Dello, that’s a significant statement. He himself came to Allstate eight years ago as a CPA with strong field experience in the sewer and construction business as well as a stint as CFO of another corporation. Hired to come on board and eventually replace Allstate’s retiring CFO, Dello was soon tapped to put his considerable expertise to work in growing and overseeing the sewer services division. He’s handled both posts since 2008.

Allstate’s tagline is We’re helping corporate America clean-up the environment, and it offers the public and private sectors a range of services:
Emergency Response Service

  • Waste Services
  • Tank Services
  • Marine Services
  • Construction Services
  • Sewer Services
  • Water Blasting Services
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Centrifuge Oil Processing

“We’ve developed a lot of niches and nuances in how to clean refineries and utilities,” says Dello.

“We can clean a mean tank,” jokes Miller, although she notes that “industrial services is the bulk of our company’s business. Each branch location seems to have its own specialty.”

For example, New Jersey and Pennsylvania oil refineries make use of centrifuge oil processing; New York City, with its utilities and infrastructure, has greater use for sewer services and waste material management.

Allstate is known for its expertise with sewer line rehabilitation, in particular with cured-in-place piping, or CIPP. In this trenchless process, Allstate’s highly skilled personnel re-line a sewer pipe via the manhole accesses, rather than the far more costly, time-consuming and inconvenient procedure of digging up the street to replace a faulty storm or sanitary sewer pipeline. Cured-in-place calls for a resin-impregnated felt “sock” to be slid into the existing pipe after is has been cleaned and examined via video imaging. Once the sock is filled with water to expand it to the old pipe’s dimensions, the water is heated to cure the resin to a hard shell casing. After the water cools and drains, the new liner is opened at both ends. The process takes a few hours, and hundreds of feet of pipe can be relined in this manner in just a few days for a significant cost savings and much less aggravation.

All of the company’s field personnel are 40-hour OSHA trained and undergo continuous training in new safety procedures. Allstate fully complies with all applicable local, state and federal standards; at Galasso’s insistence, safety is the company’s highest priority.

Responsible management of an expertly trained professional staff and technologically advanced equipment translates into the right person for the task and the right tool for the job. With its sophisticated QA/QC system in place, Allstate delivers fully integrated services for a single-source advantage that lowers costs and reduces downtime.

“A big part of our service is emergency response,” says Dello. “We have what we need, and we do it all.”

Story by Anne Biggs

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