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More and more, women are taking a leading role in the septic service industry. Priority Pumping is a prime example of this exciting trend. They have earned a leading role in the construction, maintenance, repair, service, and pumping of septic systems in Gilbert Arizona, and the surrounding area. They love their industry, and it shows in the high-quality service and customer support for which they have earned a glowing reputation.

Like all of the septic service companies we cover, Priority Pumping has distinguished itself in a number of interesting ways. Priority Pumping started as TKS Contracting in 2017, giving them just 6 years to establish themselves as industry leaders in their area. So, how did they do it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes Priority Pumping Special?

The first sign that Priority Pumping had its finger on the pulse of its local community and an understanding of what its friends, customers, and partners needed was their rapid shift from general construction contracting to specializing in septic service.

In general, it is considered to be a truism that, in business, you want to diversify as much as possible. But as we have seen again and again, it is that in the septic service industry, specialization is the real key to success. This has at least two immediate implications that make the people we cover interesting.

The first implication is that there must logically be a lot of septic companies out there that don’t make it or that languish in obscurity. The second is that those who do make it benefit from some kind of special, unique insight that has enabled them to flourish where others don’t.

After just a couple of years in what should be a profitable general contracting business model, Priority Pumping saw the writing on the wall and quickly retooled its operation into a specialist septic service company. Today, they focus on regular system checkups and septic service. Rather than spreading their skills and toolsets out over a wide range of construction contracting tasks, they decided to be the very best at septic service, and their many satisfied customers are certainly glad that they did.

Personalized Service, Fair Pricing, & Customer Education

Everybody needs prompt, quality septic service. The alternative is, well, we don’t need to talk about that. Suffice it to say that the alternative to great septic service is not acceptable. For this reason alone, those septic service providers who choose to specialize in prompt, quality customer care tend to do well. This describes Priority Pumping in a nutshell. But that’s not where their distinctions end.

Personalized Service

Priority Pumping puts all of its energy and resources into delivering the best septic service in its area. That is the core of any good septic company, and their customers will tell you the same thing. In addition to this, fair pricing is another key to great septic service. The fact is that every septic customer knows they simply cannot get by without the service Priority Pumping provides.

When it comes to personalized service, septic companies are not obligated to offer their customers many options. But Priority Pumping makes an effort to make sure they know how and how much service they want, need and can afford. By actively respecting their customer’s needs and budgets, they drive customer retention off the charts.

Fair Pricing

By offering transparent billing and noticeably fair prices, Priority Pumping wins lasting customer loyalty. That is something that might not pay off in just a few short years. But for Priority Pumping, fair pricing paired with great personalized customer care has given them some serious traction in their market.

Customer Education

Finally, we have customer education. In the age of digital information, those who educate their customers pull ahead of the competition. This is true in all industries and all markets. But for septic companies, it’s still not a ubiquitous thing. Many septic companies are content to run on grit and quality service. But those who offer resources for their customers to learn from are ahead of the curve.

Priority Pumping has a well-developed blog page and a robust FAQ section on its website. In addition to this, they are clear and transparent about everything they do. This means customers understand their options, they know what they are paying for, and they can ask for more budget-friendly options if they so choose.

The effect that good customer education has is that it gives the customer the ability to be discriminating. They can learn to discern the difference between a great service and a mediocre one. When the customer is sure that he knows what he’s getting, he is glad to come back to the best, and in Gilbert, Arizona, that’s Priority Pumping.

Priority Pumping Services

Because they specialize in just delivering great septic service, you’d think their service list would be short. It isn’t. They offer sewer line inspections, hydro jetting, sewer repair and replacement, interceptor pumping, grease trap pumping, septic installation, alteration, pumping, and ADEQ inspections.

At the end of the day, Gilbert, AZ residents know where to get the best septic service around, and that is what makes Priority Pumping the leader in their area.


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