Tidy Services: Proving the Portable-Toilet Lead Marketing Strategy

Tidy Services is one of the oldest septic and portable restroom rental companies we have looked at in a while. Having gotten their start back in the late 1980s, they have seen the regulatory issues surrounding this industry change in ways that few companies of the kind can imagine.

Like a number of other septic companies we’re reviewed lately, Tidy Services leads their marketing efforts with branding that focuses on their portable toilet rental service, pairing their portable toilet landing page with imagery of a lush, green, and inviting valley landscape. As we have discussed many times in the past, this is the cutting edge marketing angle for septic service companies these days.

We think it’s pretty clear that septic service companies are leaning into the psychology of the consumer who is motivated by a need that only quick portable toilet rentals can serve. When your strongest customer demographic is people who have suffered a sudden septic system failure and don’t have time to wait for repairs, portable toilets win the day.

Demonstrating Why Portable Toilets Dominate the Septic Service Industry

For the reasons discussed above, portable toilets are the fastest way to deliver the most immediate relief for a need that is quite immediate in nature. As the decision makers at Tidy Services understand, this is key to securing a leading edge in the septic service industry in any market. But portable toilets do more than serve in septic emergency situations.

As the head of Tidy Services explains, portable toilets are there to serve the emergency customer who has a septic failure. After conducting a search for their septic woes, they find landing pages that offer an instant solution, portable toilets, followed by a lasting solution, septic repair services.

“That’s what brings them in,” our contact explained. “You deliver what they need within the hour, and immediately schedule septic repair services.”

But if that was all portable restrooms were good for, they still might not be the industry leading service that they have become. Sure, portable toilets are good for bringing in new domestic customers. But they are also the key to locking in big, recurring contracts.

Serving the construction industry is a big part of that. Construction contractors have always been among the biggest customer bases for portable toilet rental companies. It is the only way to ensure that the needs of crews and management are taken care of in a way that does not interfere with the construction job at hand. Portable toilets have a relatively small footprint and ensure workers don’t have to leave the site in order to use the facility.

Serving big events is the other half of the massive demand for portable restrooms. Concerts, weddings, conventions, and the like are all events where expenses are typically not spared. The people who put on big events are focused primarily on making the event big, serving a lot of people, and directing the attention of those people to the available services. Portable restrooms are an important part of that, and Tidy Services offers a range of portable toilet types.

After all, if you’re running a carnival and people have to go off-site to use a toilet, there’s a chance they might not come back. So like on construction sites, portable toilets are often about keeping people at the location served. This makes them exceedingly valuable to events.

We know we have beleaguered the point about portable toilets. But it’s immensely important that septic companies understand how key this service is. Companies really do need to lean in on their marketing efforts leading with this type of service. For psychological reasons, it is a winner and for practical reasons, it can be a serious money maker.

For this reason, it was refreshing to find Tidy Services, a company that clearly understands the need for this marketing angle. Indeed, they lean into it hard from the first glimpse of their landing page. Interestingly, Tidy Services keeps their restroom trailer content on a different part of their website than their portable toilets.

It could be that portable toilets and restroom trailers serve different customer demographics. It could be that Tidy Services distinguishes between those who engage with portable toilet services and restroom trailer customers. Or it could be that they focus primarily on the domestic septic-emergency customer. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that far in our conversation.

Following Up With a Lasting Septic Service Solution

With all of that taken as read, it stands to reason that as important as portable toilets are as an immediate solution, it is equally important to have a lasting solution waiting in the wings. For a company like Tidy Services, that means traditional septic service.

“This community is the central point of the original 13 colonies,” our contact explained. “That means these communities are some of the very oldest in the country. We have some very old septic systems out here and the biggest service sold is cleaning.”

Naturally, portable toilets are a key lead-in for a company working in a market like that.



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