7 Tips For Increasing Sales At Your Portable Restroom Business in 2023

So, it’s 2023 and your business has made it through the recent years of the global pandemic, economic shutdown, supply chain catastrophe, and labor shortage. Now you’re staying the course despite financially crippling levels of inflation. Congratulations! Now what? What can you do next to further strengthen your business and help ensure its long-term sustainability?

On the downside, the business sector is still in recovery and inflation is crushing both individual and business consumers, which naturally impacts service businesses like portable restroom rentals. On the upside, through the past few years, you’ve proven to be a highly resilient and even rather disaster-proof business manager.

So, you are likely to find some of the ideas below ideal for you at this point. These are fresh reminders of excellent operations and sales opportunities from current U.S. business experts.

7 Sustainable Small Business Growth Tips for 2023

If your business is slowly recovering in the profit margin from the 2020 – 2022 economic setbacks, here are some general recommendations to bolster sales and savings for your portable restroom rental business in 2023 and future years.

1. Implement Modern Point-of-Sale (POS) Tools.

Modern POS devices are making old-fashioned cash registers obsolete. They do so much more than merely process real-time payments. The most recent software technologies enable you to manage not just transactions but your entire business operation from an intuitive dashboard. You can use the device remotely or at your primary sales location to track sales, schedule workers, track orders, manage inventory, even process receivables, payables, etc. Streamlining your management tasks in this way can make it incomparably easier to focus on growing sales and maximizing service quality.

2. Accept All Common Forms of Payment.

Customers in various age groups have their own generational preferences of ways to communicate and ways to pay. It makes it much easier to retain happy repeat customers when they are most comfortable and satisfied with their experience of doing business with your restroom rental service and other event services. In addition to paper and electronic checks, activate options for your customers to use their credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. Providing this smoother transaction experience is one more thing you can do to accommodate people and help ensure that they will choose your service every time.

3. Go Paperless in Your Business.

There’s more to the logic of paperless operation than just the point about environmental preservation — though that is a critically important one for the planet and your business too. But, paperless operation is also about cutting waste to save substantial amounts of hours and money for paper management over time. Consider your current cost of buying, handling, storing, and managing the loads upon loads of paper that the average small business amasses over the years. It typically adds up to a shocking total cost of wasted time, lost productivity, and obtaining and maintaining excess square footage.

4. Prioritize Payment Security.

Naturally, when you begin to accept a wider range of payment types, the majority of the new transaction types are likely to be processed through the internet. Those activities, of course, come with the need for effective security monitoring that is consistently successful in detecting attempts of fraudulent actions and preventing the success of those nefarious efforts. A breach in your data security can cost your business shocking losses in legal fees, lawsuit settlements, and judgments (including punitive damages if fault is found), customer attrition, and brand damage. Use only frequently-updated high-quality data security tools and monitoring services to maintain PCI compliance and minimize your risk of customer data breaches.

5. Allow Work-From-Home and Flex Time.

By now, after the shutdowns of 2020-2021, you have probably already figured out whether your business can benefit from having some employees working some days remotely. While in many cases, such as in retail sales, workers need to be onsite. But, if your portable restroom business can function as well with one or more staff members working from home, it can be a major cost saver in workspace rental, utilities, insurance, office equipment, furniture, and other areas of expense. In many cases, it’s also a major morale booster that has proven to increase productivity, despite concerns about some predictions to the contrary. In the current competitive employment market, offering employees this option can be an appealing feature.

6. Participate in Resource Sharing Cooperatives.

Innovative alternatives in procurement are opening excellent options for small business operators who want to have access to the best equipment, tools, and even labor at lower costs. The incredible benefits of the new sharing economy can be game-changers for business owners who are attracted to the idea of simply accessing resources as needed, instead of owning them. Renting business machines and other equipment, working with freelance talent, and contracting with external billing, accounting, HR, payroll, and other services are all major money savers for many small businesses. Even using a shared workspace can be an extraordinary cost saver for compatible companies. With these options, for minimal commitments, you can have the latest and greatest operating resources.

7. Co-Host Non-Profit Events or Programs.

One sure way to make the best possible impression for your brand is to give back to the community. Everyone wants to help people who are helping others. To build a reservoir of goodwill in your market, choose a worthy cause and a reputable peer business and engage in hosting periodic events, or maintain an ongoing program to raise awareness and generate contributions. Be sure to include mention of this initiative to which your company is committed on some pages of your website. Even dedicate a page to talking about your company’s activities that support the charitable organization and about the nonprofit group’s inspiring work. Ask for coverage of your work on this in the various media that serve your market.

Turning New Ideas into Revenue Generators

Promoting the incorporation of the above new systems and methods for your customers presents your business as one with up-to-date digital equipment and ultra-modern processes to benefit your clientele, and as a conscientious member of the community.

Letting your market know that you have gone the distance to bring customers a state-of-the-art service experience ranks as conceptually elevated packaging of your value proposition. That translates into a comparatively low-risk improvement with sound potential for a strong ROI. And, you cannot lose from engaging your brand in social or environmental impact programs.

In any case, the above ideas are all proven concepts grounded on basic business principles. That means that, hopefully, they’ve already been adopted by your company. If not, it is recommended that you make the necessary plans to implement as many as possible of these modern business operations practices this year.



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