Knight’s Site Services: A Case of Online Marketing Done Right

Serving the California Central valley for more than 30 years, Knight’s Site Services might be the prototypical septic company for our time. The primary reason we say this is because Knight’s leans in first and most with their portable toilet rental service. This is clear when you visit their home page which immediately presents you with a scrolling series of images including a rock concert, a wedding, and a domestic backyard.

The second most noticeable thing about Knight’s is the polished look of their website. Too few septic service companies do a good job on their online marketing. But this is an area where Knight’s seems to have things under control. It’s also worth noting that their website is mobile-friendly. That’s something you only see about 50 percent of the time with septic service companies. It shows that they understand a few things about modern marketing, or that they work with a web developer who does.

After a brief conversation with upper management, we found out that is exactly the case. They found a local web development company in Bakersfield, CA that really did an impressive job crafting Knight’s online presence. It shows that they did their research, and looked at what works in the septic business and what doesn’t.

Their website all by itself says volumes, and we think it’s worth discussing.

Online Marketing Done Right

There are a few interesting things about Knight’s online presence that makes them stand out. For a start, their website looks professional. Their site is slick, simple, and works well. It’s almost flashy with the large, horizontal photo scroll bar on their home page, but they don’t overdo it. That’s important as well.

Next is their about page which gets right to the point. They explain who they are, how long they have been in business, and what their value proposition is. Their primary value proposition is simply quality service. They don’t go on about tech stuff, explaining customer pain points and how they serve them. They just say ‘We get the job done right and on time.’

This is something other septic companies should be doing. Most companies either leave out the about us page or say too much.

Value Added Content

Next, under their “About Knights” pull-down menu, they have a brief and to-the-point page about how they adhere to professional and regulatory standards as well as best environmental practices. It’s an extension of their value proposition. It is technical but brief and can be understood at a glance.

This is so important for at least two reasons. Septic service customers don’t want to get into the details of the industry. They don’t need to hear a lot of technical jargon. They don’t want to think about what they’re shopping for. They need to see some convincing acronyms, some official-looking seals, and very little else.

That is exactly what you see on their EPS SWPPP Guidelines page. It does what it needs to do very quickly. It shows that Knight’s is legitimate and professional. That means they can be held accountable for their work. That is all the customer needs to know.

Next comes their informative content, which is simple as well. It’s just septic care tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

Knight’s tells the customer what they need to know briefly and simply. Their septic tips page has about a dozen points and is slightly less than a page long.

In this business, the need creates itself. All the customer needs is a little direction, and Knight’s delivers.

Simplicity in an Online Presence

Next to that is their “Request a Quote” page. It has a form for customers to fill out and a heartfelt testimonial right next to it. As a matter of fact, testimonials are the biggest features on their site.

You see a ton of them on their home page and a few more sprinkled here and there. Once again, they are giving the customer the guidance they need to choose Knight’s Site Services.

So why is all this important? The reason is, and they will tell you this themselves, the customer is going to make a decision in a matter of seconds. Most septic customers will pull the trigger on the first business they come to that looks professional and trustworthy.

That’s why it is so important that the web content of companies like this can be understood at a glance. You need to establish authority and trust in seconds.

In the past, all you needed was an ad in the phone book, a name beginning with the letter ‘A’ , and the ability to get there before the other guy. Today’s marketing scene is different.

So we want to thank Knight’s Site Services for providing us with a great example of how to handle online marketing. We strongly recommend you check out their site and take as many pages from their online marketing playbook as you can.


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