A1 Porta Potty LLC

A1 Porta Potty LLC is one of the newest companies of its kind we’ve ever seen, especially considering their well-filled out list of services. But that’s not all that’s unusual about them. They are a porta potty rental company whose services revolve around porta potties and they offer septic pumping and street sweeping service on the side.

The usual formula for a small septic company, especially in an area like Louisville, KY is to start strong with septic services and build out from there. In reality, this is what they are, but it’s not apparent at a cursory glance- and the reasons for this are interesting.

Becoming a Local Leader in Portable Toilet Rentals

Having gotten its start fairly recently in 2015, A1 Porta Potty made its bones in the usual fashion. They did it by delivering fast and reliable septic service to an area with a relatively high water table that desperately needed it. But as we will see, A1 Porta Potty is something of a case study in a strong trend that you’re going to see again and again with companies like it.

That trend is a tendency to slowly become more about portable toilet rentals than septic service. There’s a reason for that, and it’s slightly difficult to talk about it without seeming crass. But, it’s the fact that the thing people need most when they have septic trouble is relief, and they are grateful when a company like A1 delivers.

What’s interesting about A1 Porta Potty is the fact that they developed in the usual way into a porta-potty-heavy organization, but they did it in just a few years. This seems to suggest that their leadership is especially strong in business foresight.

Why Porta Potties are the Path of Least Resistance

When you look through their online presence, you find some artifacts that suggest they entered the septic business as a septic pumping service. The team will tell you the same thing. But there is a powerful biological driver behind how septic companies grow and evolve, and porta potties are always at the cutting edge of business development.

A1 Porta Potty anticipated this optimal trajectory and they leaned into it at an early stage. Today, they are a porta-potty rental company with septic service as a follow-up. When you look at as many small to medium-sized septic companies as we do, you begin to realize there is a touch of genius in the way they have positioned themselves as leaders in their field in Louisville, KY.

They saw early on that there is a fundamental principle at play in the septic service industry. They also saw that the way to get the most customer satisfaction is to allay the customer’s most immediate concerns. A1 Porta Potty serves the one key need behind the entire septic industry by focusing on the core human pain point involved and providing the service that satisfies the fastest.

Once the customer’s most pressing need is taken care of, A1 Porta Potty brings in the septic pumping truck and delivers a lasting solution. All you have to do is look at their many glowing customer reviews and it’s clear A1 Porta Potty has homed in on a core human need like a laser and provided a solution that people appreciate.

A1 Porta Potty Rentals & Service List

Of course, delivering portable toilets to residential customers with a pressing need is just one aspect of a successful porta-potty service. A1 Porta Potty also serves construction sites with a complete list of construction rental services. These include:

• Construction grade porta potties
• Hand cleaning stations
• Construction dumpsters
• Site fencing
• Storage containers
• Street sweeping
• Restroom trailers

As you might have noticed, they also home in on some significant pain points for construction contractors that few similar companies do. That is, they deliver street sweeping and site fencing. That is an unusual flourish, and we think it’s more evidence of their acute understanding of the industry.

One thing that plagues construction companies is the need for apparent cleanliness on the street level. More and more, customers are becoming intolerant of the messy appearance construction jobs tend to exhibit. Many renovations and additions are done in close proximity to the hub of a growing business. Those businesses lose customers when the streets are littered with debris.

This is a pain point that A1 Porta Potty has zeroed in on. To serve this need, they provide fencing and street sweeping services. In so doing, they keep the perimeters of construction sites looking clean and tidy. They take it a step further by providing dumpsters and site containers.

In short, they are serving a need that contractors have struggled with for years. They are the first company we have ever reported on that combines the need of contractors to look tidier than their competition with portable toilets and septic service to boot.

In the final analysis, A1 Porta Potty has proven its ability to zero in on the core unmet needs of its customers and to serve them with a level of speed and accuracy that shows why they are one of the fastest growing companies in their area.



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