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In 2010, Jeffrey Ruggiero decided that more than 25 cumulative years of experience in the septic business was enough to base a business on, and he was right. Today, Best Septic Service is a leading small septic business working in Southern Vermont. Relatively recently, they expanded into Western New Hampshire. They are a fully family-owned and operated business, serving a challenging but very rewarding set of communities.

But unlike most small septic companies we cover, the story of Best Septic Service isn’t just the story of a scrappy group of individuals ready and able to do a job that no one else will. It is the story of a man who was so devoted to his family and his community that the people of Greater Falls stood up and took notice.

Mr. Ruggiero took the regional 2011 person of the year award home when he was recognized by the Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce for his generosity and dedication to the community. Best Septic was also featured with a full write-up in Pumper Magazine twice, in 2011 and 2015, and today he and his business are being covered by us.

So, clearly, the Ruggiero family is doing something right.

Best Septic Means Best Customer Service

But of course, this is also the story of a scrappy small business made up of a team that is willing to do what no one else will – because there really is no other way to run a successful septic service company.

Best Septic’s first (but not only) priority is to serve customers at the earliest possible opportunity or failing that, to serve them on time. For them, this is a matter of policy and it makes good sense. Because when you’re serving the septic needs of your neighbors in the place where they live, time is everything.

For the customer without a functioning toilet, the difference between satisfactory septic service and unsatisfactory service can manifest in minutes, or moments. As the company’s operations manager told us, “You can get there on time. No one will argue with that. But when you get there early, that can make all the difference.”

Customers are invited to schedule their own appointment at the time of their choosing, within reason, pick the services they need, and sometimes to be served sooner and faster than advertised.

Best Septic Services

So, Best Septic is about family, charity, community, and ultra-prompt service. With a lot of companies that lead with claims like that, what you get is a bunch of lip service and not a lot of value. Not so with the companies, we highlight, and certainly not so with Best Septic. They focus on the core services that construction sites, events, and domestic customers need most, namely:

Septic pumping: The heart and soul of any good septic service company, septic pumping is the core offering Best Septic has in its tool belt. Their septic pumping capabilities are supported by people who have been recognized as the best in their service area.

Grease trap services: A key service in parts of the country where hospitality and restaurants have a heavy presence, grease trap service, and pumping are absolutely essential to restaurants, diners, and hotel cafeterias. These are some of Best Septic’s core customers.

Snaking: The plumber’s snake was invented in 1933, but it didn’t really take hold in the world of plumbing until the late 1970s. Septic snakes came into their own in the 1980s when these devices became bigger, stronger, and more robust. The original patent expired in 1953, and increasingly more advanced iterations have been coming out regularly since then. Best Septic uses one of the largest and most capable forms of this device to open up pipes that would otherwise be a lost cause.

Jetting: This service is surprisingly rare in the septic treatment business, but Best Septic employs it to help support their guarantee of effective service. Jetting is an application of high-pressure water to blast through invading roots, heavy clogs, and even frozen pipes.

Inspections: Every good septic service team offers inspections, and Best Septic is no different. They do inspections for residential and commercial clients. They also specialize in real estate transaction inspections, which can be especially demanding jobs.

Camera service: Not an uncommon service at all, but sometimes septic service teams need to actually see what’s down there and a camera is often the only way to do it.

Portable toilet rentals: Finally, we come to their portable toilet rentals. With any good septic service, this is a key way to ensure that the customer’s needs are taken care of, even if the worst possible septic conditions have developed. Best Septic’s portable toilets are regular and jumbo-sized with hand wash stations and handicap units. They also come with the promise that the units will never smell like a toilet.

Finally, we like to drive it home when a company is doing an especially good job of serving its community. Of course, numbers don’t lie, and when you look at the state of the competition, the leading position of an outfit like Best Septic is hard to deny. But there’s no getting around their long, long list of glowing customer reviews. One thing is clear, looking through them, and that is that the people of Southern Vermont and Western New Hampshire are more than a little grateful to have Best Septic watching their backs.


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