Moon Portable Restrooms

Founded in 1992, Moon Portable Restrooms is an off-shoot of Moon Trailer Leasing, which is one of the largest full-service leasing companies in the state. Their sister organizations, Moon Mobile Refrigeration, Moon Minis Storage, and Moon Portable Dumpsters have a lot in common with Moon Portable Restrooms, but the difference is in the specialties each organization offers as well as their organizational methods.

More than thirty years ago, the people at Moon Rentals decided to diversify their services, which is always a good idea. But they also realized that the day-to-day processes of some types of rentals would differ greatly from those of others. In short, managing the cleaning and maintenance of portable restrooms in the same space where trailers are serviced would not have been a very practical strategy.

Anyone who has ever moved furniture or cleaned a room thoroughly knows that before one area can be cleaned, things have to be moved to another area, which in turn will have to be cleaned twice. This was the type of insight that the people behind the various branches of Moon Trailer Leasing had the good fortune to have before building their new facilities. This is why we don’t build bedrooms with kitchens in them, for example.

As their regional manager explains, “You can imagine that performing the maintenance procedures for portable refrigeration units in the same facility where you perform cleaning and care for portable restrooms is just asking for trouble. So, we separate our main services into different companies.”

This strategy not only gives their teams more elbow room to do what they are trained to do, but it also ensures that one process does not interfere with another. Just as the care of one type of unit might interfere with the care of another when done in the same space, so too might the managerial needs of one type of process interfere with that of another. So, the Moon Trailer Leasing parent company separates them out.

The benefits of this strategy include preventing disparate processes from interfering with each other, but that’s not all. It takes some burden off of management and it eliminates the potential for confusion between the branches. For example, there is practically zero chance that a Mini Storage customer will get mixed up with a portable restroom customer, and this goes for all of their offerings.

Finally, it also makes things simpler for the customers in their region, which makes good sense from a marketing perspective. For example, it would be hard to imagine someone with a need for portable restrooms calling a mobile storage delivery company, or even a trailer rental company.

As founder Kevin Clemins explained, “Our leadership realized early on that no one is going to call a trailer rental company for anything other than trailers. People don’t do Google searches like, ‘Trailer rental company with portable restrooms.’ They Google ‘portable restrooms,’ or ‘refrigeration unit rentals,’ and so on.”

This indicates a high-level business sense coming from a rental company that was looking to grow its operation. It might not seem like much, but in the business world, making a decision to separate out processes the way Moon has done requires a flash of insight. The wisdom behind this movie becomes even more apparent when you find that Moon Trailer Rentals and Moon Portable restrooms were established around the same time. That means the people behind this company knew from the get-go that they would need to keep their branches separate. This indicates either that they had extraordinary business insight, or that they had learned from experience.

After all, the simplest thing would be not to build different branches but to try and manage everything under one roof. The fact that they had the wisdom to invest in separate facilities, instead of taking the easier route and pocketing the difference is indicative of dedication to quality. That, all by itself, tells you why Moon is the most successful company of its kind by far in their service area.

Moon Portable Restrooms Unique Value Proposition

When a potential customer navigates to the Moon Portable Restroom company website, they let you know right off the bat that they are a division of Moon Companies. This way, portable toilet customers will have found what they are looking for, and someone who wants one of their other services will realize that what they are looking for is just a click away. It’s a clever marketing tactic that shows that they know what they are doing.

But of course, this is not the whole story of Moon’s good business sense. They put a lot of effort into hiring the most qualified, conscientious, and experienced team members. In so doing, they get a lot of mileage out of word-of-mouth advertising.

But perhaps more important than anything else, their portable toilet rental service has something that none of their other branches need to have – 24/7 emergency service. For a business of this kind, it almost guarantees a solid customer base. Once the contract is established, Moon’s septic service partners are likely to get a referral.

With a reputation for dependable, responsive service, a massive inventory, and luxury restroom trailer options, there really isn’t much left for the competition to do.


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