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To get by and beat the stiff competition in this industry, a septic company has got to do something that no one else does or achieve a level of quality that the competition can’t match. In the septic game, that means you’re going to get guys who, as Larry Maznek puts it, “Pump and run.”

By this he means septic service contractors who do the absolute minimum to meet the requirements of the job with little attention to detail, and probably no cleanup. When it comes to septic service, the best you could expect from this kind of contractor is a sloppy job, which is bad enough. At worst, you’re looking at damage to your tank or suffering an unexpected failure. For years, South Central New Hampshire had a problem with this kind of work, and Larry Maznek is out to put a stop to it with something the area sorely needed in septic service, professionalism.

Bringing Quality Back to South Central New Hampshire

Larry has been in the septic business for four decades. As a lifelong commercial construction professional, he has been involved in many septic installations. But perhaps most importantly, he has seen how septic systems affect job sites, how they settle in the ground, and how they interrelate with other assets on a property. This construction adjacent septic knowledge means he knows what the periphery of a septic system should look like.

Of course, he also knows septic systems through and through. That means Maznek leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality workmanship and customer service. He became a licensed septic installer/designer in 1990. So he is not only qualified to install new septic systems, but he can design one to suit your property perfectly. He became a certified evaluator in 2009 and started Maznek Septic Service in 2011.

You might be thinking that that’s a little late in the game to get in on the septic business as a lone service provider. But fortunately for Larry and his family, the area was in dire need of a quality septic professional to clean things up. This part of New Hampshire is rich in rivers and lakes, and it’s a coastal area with a high water table. So that means septic systems have to be well made and serviced regularly. What’s more, the area was plagued with fly-by-night contractors, which is as bad as it sounds.

In 2011, Larry started showing up on job sites and doing quality work where the competition left messes behind. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for him to develop a loyal customer base and a solid reputation. Larry is also a Cessna pilot, and some people joke that he patrols the skies scanning for shoddily-done septic work. He’s also the president of the New Hampshire Association of Septic Haulers, NHASH. So if you’re looking for the area’s top authority in septic systems, Larry Maznek is your guy.

Maznek Septic Unique Services

Number one, they offer superior service, and two, they are probably fast. Of course, they are fast. You can’t serve an entire region without being quick on the draw. But Maznek Septic also offers at least one service that’s very unique: underground metal detection.

With septic installation, you need to look out for rock formations, high water tables, shifting ground, pipe disruption, and so on. But what about “underground burial sites?” In particular, Larry is concerned about old buried metals that can contaminate the soil and the water table. Rust is toxic, and so are fine metal particulates. If these substances make their way into drinking water, they can pose a severe health hazard.

Even if you’re filtering your water, metal corrosion will drive up your filtration costs, and it’s unlikely you will get all of it out of the water. So the Maztck company performs metal detection up to six feet below the surface, looking for metal objects. Sometimes they even find old oil drums that are an even greater pollution hazard than plain metal.

In addition to this, Maztek does:

• Pumping: Installation, Grit pits, Grease traps, maintenance
• Repair: Septic tanks, sewer lines, effluent pumps, drain field aeration
• Evaluations: Real estate inspections, sewer camera, inspections
• Installation: Custom septic design, installations

Value Added Services

Maztek Septic has also been running an authoritative blog since 2012 that offers all the answers homeowners could ever need about septic systems. That’s a big plus when it comes to choosing a service provider, and any online marketing professional will tell you the same. Maztek offers information his customers need to make the best choice.


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