J Bar Enterprises thrives in South Central Texas

It is a massive, open part of the US with rocky hills and mountains, stretches of hot desert. In addition to this, the area is full of rapidly growing communities, isolated ranches, state and national parks, resource-hungry utility services, and more in seemingly endless rugged terrain.

In the middle of all of this, there is a heck of a lot of construction going on almost all of the time. Supplying those construction sites is no easy task, and supplying all of those sites with clean restroom facilities is an even tougher one. That is exactly where JBE makes its bones, by renting portable toilets to the many construction sites of south, central Texas.

The Challenge of Supplying Texas Construction Sites

JBE’s teams have to cover hundreds of miles each and every day across long, hot stretches of two-lane highway. Sometimes, they have to do it in the blistering heat. That alone is a monumental task in the largest state in the Union.

Imagine driving hundreds of miles in heat exceeding 100 degrees to drop off a set of portable toilets, and then traveling the same route to retrieve, clean, and replace those same units for the duration of the construction project they are serving. If you’re getting a feeling for the number of resources, man-hours, and effort that goes into it, then you’re starting to understand why J Bar Enterprises is one of just a few such organizations in the country. Put simply, they do what no one else will, in one of the toughest locations there is.

J Bar Enterprises Service List

Of course, portable toilet rentals are far from the only things they haul across the heat-stricken Texan landscape. They also provide luxury restroom trailers for VIPs and special events. They provide sanitary restrooms for a wide range of customers, including construction projects, events, and more. They also offer hand wash and hand sanitizer units for a wide range of purposes.

JBE delivers special service to the organizers of special events when requested. They deliver and install holding tanks and provide septic pumping services for RVs.

Another of their more unique offerings is their security trailer rentals. These are fairly uncommon in more populous parts of the country. But out in the great wide open, construction sites require these units to protect and monitor the location at night.

A security trailer is a tow unit with two wheels and a foot for stability when placed on site. They are equipped with cameras, sirens, lights, and motion detectors. They can alert a monitoring team and record events on location when activated. These units can operate long-term, relying on a solar panel to power the onboard equipment for the duration of a project.

That being said, their service area covers six zones surrounding Austin and San Antonio about 120 miles from east to west and approximately 200 miles from north to south. This makes their longest route about 100 miles there and back. But you can take our word for it that in the Texan summer heat, that’s enough.

Special Events

Like most organizations that rent out portable toilets, JBE caters to all kinds of events in and around Austin and San Antonio. Their porta-potties are always clean and in great condition, making event guests happy. Their units even come in three different colors for males and females, and orange for construction sites.

But they don’t just give their special event customers the same toilets they drop off at construction sites. Their special event units are equipped with motion sensors, solar panels, and automatic lights to provide comfortable service day or night.

Quality in a portable toilet is not something that many people put much thought into. But CEO David Jamar and Chief Wellness Officer Tanis Jamar agree that a well-functioning, clean, and secure facility can make a huge difference in how guests experience an event. Conversely, they also agree that an unclean toilet that is in disrepair can cause a lot of trouble. For the guests, it can ruin an evening. “If the facilities are poor enough,” Tanis says, “People are likely to leave, and if they leave, they are unlikely to come back.”

JBE serves weddings, private parties, concerts, festivals, and any event that can be expected to draw a large crowd with the area’s best-reviewed portable restroom rental service in the region.

Of course, portable bathrooms aren’t just for parties and converts. They are also a necessity when a septic system is out of commission, under service, being replaced, or being installed. JBE serves these needs as well.

A Growing Texas Rental Port-A-Potty Company

With all of this going for them, and more, J Bar Enterprises is in an expansion phase. Their popularity is opening up new service areas to their teams, and as a result, they are currently hiring for multiple positions.

That’s impressive with today’s economic pressures bearing down on businesses of all kinds. But JBE appears to be pulling through it with flying colors. Let it be a lesson to the rest of us, because service like that makes all the difference to your bottom line!



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