American Sanitation Inc.

Founded in 2006 in Napa, California, American Sanitation Inc. serves one of the fastest growing and most dynamic communities in the nation. The Napa Valley has been known for its wine for over a century. But its fame peaked around the same time that American Sanitation Inc. filed its papers of incorporation, and the timing could not have been more fortuitous for this sanitation company.

In 2018, the wine tourism industry in the area alone brought in more than $2.2 billion. With numbers like that, Napa needs a sanitation company to serve restaurants and events, and ASI was there to answer the call. ASI is a full-service septic and portable toilet company serving the residential and commercial needs of special events, construction sites, vineyard operations, and ever-expanding residential zones.

Because the competition in this part of the country is steep, ASI is able to make ground in its effort to deliver competitive pricing. Their office staff, drivers, and sales reps are all encouraged to deliver the best prices to their customers. With an enormous service area covering one of the busiest and most heavily populated areas in the country, they have their work cut out for them.

ASI’s service area covers most of the San Francisco Bay, (all of the inner bay) the majority of Sacramento, and stretches along the coast from Gualala to southern Fremont and northern San Jose. In case you’re not familiar with the area, that encompasses three major metropolitan locations, and what might be the biggest spot for tourism and vacationing in the state of California. That is possibly the most demanding service area imaginable, even more so when you include the additional work that the active waterways, mudslides, and the infamous rainy seasons of the California coast must generate.

When we decided to cover this company for our monthly spotlight, the size of their service trucks and the scope of their service area told us almost everything we needed to know. Chiefly, it told us that these guys are busy!

American Sanitation Inc’s Primary Service Categories

The first unique value proposition ASI touts is pickup and delivery all over northern California, which is amazing. Their primary service area is already huge and highly metropolitan. But their full-sized trucks are tooled out to carry service to almost any California location north of the San Francisco bay. It must be said that their full-size lorry tankers indicate that these trips are long, complicated, and involved, and their drivers nod grimly at the implication. But this makes ASI uniquely prepared to carry out the biggest, longest hauls over the largest functional service area of any septic service company we’ve covered.

Their second unique value proposition is full-service solutions. There’s little doubt that they can offer full-service solutions to their primary service area as described initially. But if they are able in practice to extend their full list of services to the entirety of northern California, it would be incredible. But when it comes to serving the septic needs of companies and domestic customers in Sacramento and inner bay San Francisco, ASI is certainly more than adequately equipped.

Finally, we come to their portable toilet rentals. Of course, the nature of the region demands that they offer the full range of standard, to ADA-compliant units, luxury models, and VIP portable toilets. With their basic portable toilets, bathroom trailers, and VIP units, they serve construction sites, events, and much more. Of course, their VIP units are completely solar-powered and require no electric or water hookups to function.


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