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Founded in 1989, Acme Environmental Services (AES) has earned the distinction as one of the most trusted septic service providers in Central and Eastern Florida. For over 35 years, they have provided septic tank replacements, repairs, maintenance, and installations in Daytona, Windermere, Merritt Island, Winter Garden, Deland, Mt. Dora, and all of Central FL.

Aside from being on Central Florida’s shortlist of go-to septic services, they are unique in at least two other ways. One is the period of time in which they were established and rose to prominence, and the other is the particular geological challenges of providing septic service in Central Florida. Septic problems are nothing new to the residents of coastal Florida, but for central Floridians, these problems are somewhat less frequent, which means they tend to be less prepared for them when septic problems do emerge.

Coastal towns everywhere are known to have septic problems due to the tide and the higher water table. But in Florida, the entire state has a higher water table and more tectonic activity than most US locations. This means septic problems are going to be somewhat less frequent than they are along the coast, but harder to predict.

Like all of the most competitive septic service companies, AES earned its reputation by responding to septic disasters promptly and providing its customers with much-needed help when things went wrong. It is worth mentioning that AES serves both central and eastern FL, which means they see all of the worst septic emergencies that the Citrus State can produce.

Competitive Septic Service

If we’ve learned anything from our ongoing survey of local-level septic service companies, it’s that getting established in this industry means pulling off one kind of unique value proposition of some kind. AES has become a local industry leader without two things most septic companies need to put themselves over the top; portable toilet rentals and 24/7 emergency service. In most cases, a septic company simply can’t get by without those two specific offerings. So, how does AES do it? The answer is simple. Quality.

You can see the evidence of it on the bottom of their home page which contains more glowing reviews than we have the space or time to cover. If you’re thinking that they simply curate the best reviews for display, that’s understandable. But after looking them up on a number of review sites like and Yelp, it’s clear that they aren’t. On Angi’s, they have an average score of 4.6. They have an even better review score on HomeAdvisor and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Their best marks are for punctuality, responsiveness, and quality, in that order.

Acme Services

At the end of the day, it all comes down to reliability. They achieve this with high-quality work and by using the best products on the market. In Florida, discount products can mean catastrophic failure. The people of AES have the good sense to know that using the best products on the market saves them time and money while raking in those glowing reviews. It’s one of those rare instances where everybody wins.

• Septic Tank Installation
• Septic Tank Repair
• Septic Pump Replacement
• ATU Installation
• Septic Tank Cleaning
• Drain Field Installation
• Grease Trap Maintenance

The most interesting item on their service list might be ATU installation. ATU stands for Aerobic Treatment Unit. It is a relatively new and innovative alternative to traditional septic tanks which uses a series of chambers and processes to produce a higher quality effluent. It includes biological breakdown, which turns much of the waste into gasses rather than liquid or solids. The result is a unit that can be smaller, since it is more efficient. It also means the unit will probably last longer. Because ATUs are smaller, they are less vulnerable to the damage shifting soil can cause.

It just makes good sense that AES would use ATUs since their overarching ethic appears to be “Get it right the first time.”


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