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On Site Companies is the leader in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area, Rochester, Mankato, Duluth, Minnesota, and St. Louis, Missouri in their industry. They deliver portable sanitation for a range of business processes including conduction, industrial, and agricultural clients. They also serve special events and provide disaster relief, heating, and air conditioning rentals for a wide range of applications.

That said, they make no bones about it when they tell you that they employ the very best sanitation and heat technicians in the business and that the service they provide is second to none. The people of OCS are always working to innovate and optimize their equipment and improve their services with a focus on remaining ahead of the curve as the technology they service and the tools they use evolve.

On Site Companies was founded in the early 90s by Dave and Karen Holm. They passed the company on to their children Molly and Russ who manage it today. Dave and Karen Holm provide management and strategic support from the home base while Russ and Molly oversee the day to day operations.

On Site Companies Services

Before we move on to their unique service list, it is worth mentioning that OSC is also unique in that it has one of the most feature rich and interactive websites we have seen in a company of this type and size. It is not unusual for a nationwide chain to have cost calculators, online support, as well as a spectrum of ways to communicate with the company about your needs. On Site is still technically a small business, with a reach limited to their region, but they have the spirit and the muscle of a nationwide organization, and their customers appreciate that. In addition to all of this, they deliver 24/7/365 access to OSC personnel across all five of the office branches.

Their services encompass three categories of capabilities, any one of which could describe the full capabilities of a smaller and less energetic organization. They are:


In this category, On Site’s capabilities are as robust and far reaching as they are in everything they do. Their collection of portable toilet units is diverse from simple porta-potties to full feature luxury trailers. They are equipped to take care of the sanitation needs of almost any team, home, event, or use.

• Restrooms
• Luxury restroom trailers
• Shower trailers
• Temporary sanitation accessories

Climate Control

Climate control offerings are unusual for a septic service operating in any part of the country. But, considering the climate where OSC, it starts to make sense, especially when you get to the dehumidifiers they rent out. After all, there is not going to be much septic service going on, of ground breaking at all if the soil is frozen solid as is sometimes is in the winters in their area. Most of their climate control services are about heating, but they do offer portable AC for the occasional hot summer afternoon.

• Portable heating
• Direct fired heaters
• Indirect fired heaters
• Direct fired enclosed flame heaters
• Electric heaters
• Convection heaters
• Ground thawing
• Portable air conditioning
• Dehumidifying
• Fan and air movers
• Air filtration

Septic Services

Of course, On Site delivers the full range of septic services for commercial and residential clients. The On Site team is proud to announce that they have recently opened up a new office in Duluth, Minnesota. They offer residential and commercial septic tanks and holding tank pumping. For residential, their capabilities include RV pumping. For commercial, it includes grease trap pumping and cleaning service. On Site makes sure their customer’s septic system is fully pumped and cleaned to meet government regulatory standards.

• Commercial septic services
• Residential septic services

Serving Their Customers With Vigor

We don’t cover a lot of regional septic services that got their start in the 90s, because such companies are markedly unusual. By that time, septic services across the country were well established and fiercely competitive. On Site Companies is one of those rare organizations that were able to get a foothold in a well established industry, chock full of rough and ready competitors who will knock upstarts flat if and when they can.

That means OSC had to recognize and leverage critically under-served neighborhoods in their operational range and deliver swift, on-call septic service that is competitive with that of established players. Needless to say, they were able to break out of the starting gate with a fury that the competition simply could not hamstring.

Their success in building this type of business into a flourishing and growing business in the time and place that they did shows undeniable skill in designing their business model and unmatched adroitness in day to day operations.

If the competition would tell you one thing about On Site, it would probably be, “Don’t get in their way.”



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