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With more than 60 years of experience, John Kline Septic Services in Salunga, Pennsylvania is probably the oldest operating septic service company we’ve covered. In that time, if you ask John Kline, the company has pumped more than 3 and a half million septic gallons, responded to nearly three thousand emergency calls, fixed hundreds of toilet back-ups, and amassed a wealth of positive reviews.

To be fair, it’s not legally the same business. But it is the same family and the same tradition, which makes it a more continuous line than any series of business license renewals can account for.

The company was actually founded in 2012 by John Kline and his two sons, Keaton and Kyle. But it is based on the work of their grandfather, Marshall Kline who bought his own septic service truck and began operating in 1955. As we have shown in previous posts, this period in history was the dawn of the professional septic service company in America. Such outfits tended to be owned and operated by one man, serving an entire, sometimes metropolitan, area, and when competition cropped up, the showdowns could become especially tense.

Marshall ran the small business from the family farm in Columbia, PA offering just septic tank pumping. Compared to the multi-faceted septic companies we cover today, that doesn’t sound like much. But back then, life moved quite a bit slower, and the capacity of a single truck was enough to keep a family business alive and thriving.

Marshall Jr. bought the company from his mother, Dorothy Kline after Marshall Sr. passed away. In the years before that, the elder Kline had taught Marshall Jr. everything he knew about business, about delivering competitive customer service in a field where the competition is fierce. Marshall Sr. passed his knowledge of the septic business onto his son. But most importantly, he passed an understanding of what it takes not only to get ahead in life and build a thriving business but also what it means to earn that competitive edge.

“Dad told me that being in business is about doing the job no one else can or wants to do. But being the best means doing it for the customer so that at the end of the day, they are the ones walking away with more value. ‘Do that,’ he told me, ‘and they will stick by you through the thick of it. In our line of work, that’s a big deal.'”

Marshall Jr. moved the business to Salunga, PA. The family expanded their base of operations and eventually moved the septic business to the Harrisburg Pike, where it stands today. Through the 90s, Marshall Jr.’s son, John Kline, with the help of his brother Dave and sister, Marsha, nurtured the company with a fiery determination. Their work grew Kline’s Septic from a small PA outfit into the leading septic and grease service company in the region.

In 2012, the company was re-established under the current name, and they continue to provide the same world-class level of customer service with a bigger crew, a massive fleet, and a broader collection of capabilities.

Kline Septic Services
As our readers will know, few septic service companies can survive in today’s market on septic tank pumping alone. John, Dave, and Marsha knew this back in the 90s. Watching other septic companies grow, and by keeping an eye on the industry, they developed a plan to expand. Over the years, they added the following services, meeting the needs of businesses and residents in the area as they also grew.

Residential Septic Services
Round the clock, emergency residential septic service is the foundation of any good septic company. Kline Septic delivers where other companies don’t, and their satisfied customers will tell you as much.

PSMA Certified Septic Inspections
Older septic systems need inspections and special care and maintenance to continue to work reliably. Either that or they need to be replaced. Klines will tell you what you need after a certified inspection.

Hydraulic Load Tests
A second test type to measure the reliability and capability of a septic system, hydraulic load tests tell you whether or not a system’s absorption area is fit for purpose.

High-Pressure Water Jet Service & Line Opening
There’s more than one way to clear a line, and Klines uses all of the surest methods available, including the high-pressure water jet clearing method. If you want to know a line is clear, there’s no better way.

Commercial Grease Trap Pumping
A must-have service for any good restaurant, Klines commercial trap pumping service keeps local restaurants in their area up and running.

Commercial Septic or Holding Tank Pumping
All good things must come to an end, including the holding capacity on that holding tank. Kline Septic is always there on time.

Bulk Waste & Municipal Sludge Hauling
Kline Spetic also serves municipal and small package wastewater treatment plants throughout Central PA.


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