Schodack Septic Service: Upholding a High Standard of Customer Care

Castleton, New York, or Castleton-on-Hudson is a small town on the eastern shore of a major neck of the famous Hudson River south of Stoney Point. This is a part of the country where flooding and high water tables pose serious challenges to people and infrastructure. It is particularly difficult to keep below ground septic systems functioning well. In the Winter, freezing conditions complicate things with ice, snow, sleet, and runoff. And the occasional Nor’easter storm will reliably complicate things about every two to four years with high winds and severe flooding.

It is a beautiful, classically New England-style American town, rich in classic continental architecture, the iconic northeastern red and gold tree lines of Autumn, and a wealth of American history tucked into its sleepy corners. But the terrain, aging infrastructure, and sparse population make septic issues all the more difficult to deal with.

In 1984, Schodack Septic rose to the challenge of serving the septic needs of this community and quickly established itself as the go-to solution for all of the area’s septic needs.

Today, it is well known that establishing a successful septic service company means getting into a market in a developing community, especially one with topographical features that make septic work especially valuable. When Schodack Septic Service paid its dues in the early 80s, this was far from an established fact about the industry. They may, in fact, be among the last generation of septic service providers that have survived their early years in the absence of this now accepted knowledge about the industry.

A-List of Services as Unique as the Community They Serve

For a septic company to get established today takes the backing of a well-established investment base capable of bringing a robust list of services to bear in one fell swoop. When this happens, the service lists you’ll find offered by such companies are rather predictable.

Conversely, Schodack Septic Service, like similar family-owned companies, has some unique service offerings that are as unique to Castleton as they are to Schodack. Schodack’s service list includes firewood options, landscaping products and supplies, carport construction and repair, snow removal, metal garages, and plumbing.

Schodack’s firewood products and services seem like a strange item on the service list of a septic company. But Schodack Septic learned early on that with the unique climate of this part of the country, people often have a serious need for the ability to heat their homes in the absence of electrical utilities.

Power outages are common, and septic services frequently disrupt below-ground and above-ground power lines. What’s more, many people in this part of the country own wood-burning stoves. That makes firewood far more than a convenient pleasure. It is a staple necessity that Schodack is happy to provide.

Just as septic problems and repairs can disrupt power lines and plumbing, so can it make the demolition of a carport necessary. Schodack uses carport repair as a normal reparatory mode of its regular septic service. But they also build carports as a way of smoothing over pieces of landscaping that have been disrupted by septic service. Indeed, a well-placed carport can serve as part of an access structure for future septic service and repair.

For related reasons, landscaping products and services have become a regular part of how Schodack Septic does its job. Not pleased to service a septic tank and leave the grounds looking unkempt, they offer a host of options for mending the scarring that septic service causes. These are important things for a community that takes great pride in their homes and yards, where quaint style and classic architecture form the backdrop for everyday life.

Like carports, metal garages are becoming increasingly popular all across the country as they protect vehicles from the elements and provide a nice remedy for the landscaping disruptions done by septic care.

To round out their one-of-a-kind list of services, Schodack also adds plumbing. This makes good sense as septic and plumbing are connected and when a septic tank is imperiled, so too are plumbing assets likely to be.

Finally, Schodack Septic also offers excavation and trucking services. This roundly finishes off just about every concern even tangentially related to septic work. It shows that Schodack is not pleased to repair a septic tank and leave the area looking incomplete. They have added every capability needed to leave their customers 100% happy when the job is done.

It is a level of customer care that you simply do not see, and is rare even among the best septic service companies out there.

Portable Toilets

Even if portable toilet rentals were not commonplace among small septic companies across the country, it would be uncharacteristic of Schodack not to offer it. With this final asset on their list of services, they ensure that their customers will not have to check into a hotel when their septic system fails. The people of Castleton are fully provided for by Schodack when it comes to their septic needs, and receive a level of customer care that is simply unheard of.

A company this energetic and dedicated to the people it serves can only develop from the organic circumstances that make a successful family-owned septic company possible. This is a lesson we’ve seen time and again, and Schodack serves as an exemplar.


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