Number One Growth Problem to Fix in 2022

Does it seem like your roadmap for business growth has not accounted for the steep grade and occasional massive sinkholes on your chosen route? Congratulations! At least you’ve started on your way. But, did you know that the most direct route runs through the worldwide web? So, steer your fledgling company onto that superhighway.

That’s the bypass around all the typical obstacles on the much longer, more traditional journey to success. As a modern entrepreneur, whether your plan is vast scaling or enjoying running a quaint but thriving Main Street shop, the internet is your natural solution for generating quality traffic.

Will there be competitive pressure? Yes. Stress and frustration? Sure. Incomparable satisfaction in achieving exponential multiples of your quarterly and annual marketing performance metrics? Oh yeah. With the World Wide Web at your disposal, you can do what you cannot hope to accomplish with traditional offline local and regional marketing efforts.

Biggest Growth Problem You Need to Fix in 2022

Almost 90% of business owners understand that customer experience drives customer satisfaction, which drives customer retention. Nearly 100% are clear about the fact that efficient time management is utterly critical to achieving a sustainable system for growth, especially in newer businesses with very small teams.

So, entrepreneurs do a lot of things right. But, the web is, for many, a less clearly understood growth challenge. It has become the single biggest problem that many thousands of business owners need to fix as priority 1 this year.

Of all the typical deficiencies in small business growth plans that send so many thousands of entrepreneurs off track every year, perhaps the most glaring is overlooking this most powerful resource for growth that the world has ever known. Today, there is a fundamental need for every business of any size to build the strongest web presence possible. But, how do you get that? …especially on a small business budget…

A Transformative Online Presence

The web is by far the most popular marketplace of this century. It’s where people are. So, it’s where businesses need to be. It’s the right place to cultivate brand awareness. Leave behind the comfort zone in which you depend entirely on your phone book display ad and direct mailing fliers designed in-house for your sewage services business or industrial toilet rental operation.

The instant world of the web is the place of unprecedented opportunity to expose your business to your audience. But, there are questions like:

• How do you zero in on your target market to maximize the marketing value of every one of your efforts? And:
• What about the big newish problem of extreme web congestion? That’s the increasing density of commercial competitors all vying to stand out from the ever-multiplying crowd. And:
• How do you get to the top of that first Google SERP anyway?

No business principle disallows both being a charming little mom-n’-pop shop and generating excellent sales traffic on the web. Or, if your goal is rapid interstate expansion, the web is the incomparable option to fast-track your growth endeavors.

However, whether you’re nestled in a small market, or appealing to a vast urban mass audience, or casting a national or global marketing net, it can seem like an equally overwhelming challenge for a new competitor in your virtual segment of the commercial cybersphere. But, read on for effective and affordable solutions.

The 2022 Growth Problem and the Solution

So, yes, this has, so far, not been about specific solutions to particular problems in web marketing platform technologies and applications. It has been about an attempt to persuade you to run, not walk, to your nearest web marketing information resources and start consuming all the knowledge you can about the basics of standing up a quality business website and enthusiastically pursuing all the other extraordinary marketing opportunities the web offers.

Undoubtedly, the best marketing advice you’ll get today is to reap the full benefits of an exceptionally strong web presence for your business. But, just what are we talking about in terms of what you have to do to make web marketing consistently well exceed your expectations and your investment cost for generating sales traffic volume?

Features of an Optimized Web Presence

What the web is not… It’s not where the winning competitors just throw some low-value content on web pages with some fonts, generic graphics, and maybe the obligatory produced 10-second video. It’s also not where people who understand the value of the social marketplace throw up their logo and a few pictures of their fleet vehicles on then neglected social pages and never look back on those.

A website treated with SEO… An SEO-treated business site features an abundance of optimizations that raise the site up the ranks of the search engine’s results pages. This is where you discover that you have the power to abandon your original sketchy road to success and take a hop on the metaphorical marketing jetliner that is the World Wide Web.

These are just a few examples of the incredible means of success available to you, often free, in web marketing:
• Optimization service for graphics performance, Page Loading, Page Experience, URLs, etc.
• SEO competitor analysis tools (like SEMrush)
• Competitor site tracking (like Spyfu)
• Competitor performance comparison (like Rank Ranger)
• Keyword analytics (like Mangools)
• Link research tools (like Link)
• Site data comparison tools (like Site Rambler)
• Social page managers (like dedicated social marketing service to engage with your Facebook and Instagram influencers and followers)
• Content creation (pro writing platforms for evergreen SEO content creation in the liquid waste industry)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations to direct leads from your site into the top of your sales funnel
• Survey WordPress Marketing Plugins and apply

Tools for Optimizing Online Marketing

If you’re already pretty web-savvy, you may decide to try managing your digital store and other online business marketing interests in-house. If so, there is a wide array of no- or low-cost web marketing analytics and other management programs, in addition to the tools listed above, which you’ll need to become familiar with. Why? Because your competitors’ web marketing services are certainly using tools of these types.

These programs give web marketers an enormous edge in competing on the web against less well-equipped businesses. For some examples:

Campaign Analytics
Channel Management
Contact Database
Event-Triggered Actions Email Marketing
Lead Management
Content Management
Customer Lifecycle Tracking

There are seemingly countless other sophisticated tech options for your web business management, such as tools mentioned for tracking views and reactions to your ads and posts and auto-triggering based on responses, monitoring competitors’ site activity alongside the real-time response data for your own ads, etc.
Website Management Services

A web marketing management service will pull out all stops to optimize your website and draw it up the ranks of the local Google SERPS. They will show you how to budget your web marketing dollars to make the most of site optimization dollars, Google Local Services Ads, Pay Per Click Ads, Google AdWords, social ads, etc.
Experienced webmasters know how to feature elements that attract the Google algorithm and drive organic search traffic to your site, minimize bounce rates, and boost first visit conversion rates. They can develop a lead nurturing system to integrate with your analog or digital CRM system, and build truly high-value backlinks. They will develop information content that builds your brand and positions you as the industry authority in your area.

As You Move Your Marketing To the World Wide Web

If you’re not already fully pursuing all the above opportunities through a good web marketing service, that is likely to be the biggest marketing and growth problem you need to fix this year.

If you’re already on board, welcome to the wondrous world of internet marketing, where you’re directly connected with every member of your networked target market. As you embark on this new kind of business marketing and sales journey, the biggest consideration becomes whether to let go of the notion of doing the web work in-house and just invest in the services of a reputable web marketing agency.

You can take it all on and do it yourself with the right tools, raw skills, and enough time to train for web marketing. But, the new question becomes: How efficient is that whole idea, really?

Unless you’re both a tech wizard and a web marketing genius, it may be (meaning it probably will be) more practical to let it go and pay for a service to do all that work for you. That will free you and your staff to focus on your company’s core mission and do what you’re best at — selling your sewage systems services, portable restroom services, event planning services, etc., and providing the best customer service in your industry.


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