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Founded in the late 90s, Brandt Septic LLC was established at a time when new startups in this industry had to face a lot of heavy competition. Over the years, we have learned that to do this, a septic company has got to do something unique to their area of operation, something which no or few other of their competitors are doing. That special something has to be something that meets a need that is characteristic of the land itself. In some cases, it could be a high water table. It could be an abundance of rocky terrain. It could be frequent tectonic activity or any number of things. Not only that, but a new septic company has got to deliver on their unique value proposition like cowboys, that is, they need to be open to emergency calls round the clock, and they need to be willing to travel to remote locations on the fly. These are all attributes that Brandts has in spades.

For Brandts, that something is the wild nature of much of the Colorado landscape where they do their work. A great deal of this territory is not heavily developed. So when it comes to construction and real estate development, there is a heck of a lot of soil testing and septic system design that needs to be done. That is what Brandts does best, and these are the first services they promote on their website.

Soil Testing & Septic System Design

Brandts describes a septic tank as an on-site system that processes and purifies household wastewater. This is fairly unusual as most people think of septic tanks as part of a means of disposing of household waste and little more than that. What this shows is that Brandts is responding to a greater need for self-sufficiency among homesteads in the part of Colorado where they operate. A household that is far from a metropolitan area in this part of the world needs to be able to be more self-sufficient than one that is tied into a municipal sewer system.

For this company, that means they need to be able to design and deliver systems that do more than the average septic system can. This is where the design aspect of their work comes in. The relatively untrodden and often rocky Colorado landscape makes septic installation challenging. There, a septic system often has to be built around complex natural features like waterways and subterranean stone. It also means that a system has to be able to handle tough winters and hot summers in some locations.
For Brandts, this process is a lot more complex than burring a box connected to a toilet. It means developing a system that can treat water and recycle it without imposing excessive toxicity on the soil. To accomplish all of this takes planning, testing, foresight, and the ability to build a system that can endure changing conditions.

Brandts Portable Toilet Rentals

As anyone familiar with this industry will know, services like the ones described above make portable toilet rentals an absolute necessity. Fortunately for the communities Brandts serves, this is well within the abilities of this company. Brandts portable toilet rental service is described as an emergency 24-hour service. This is because they offer their portable toilets as an auxiliary for the toileting needs of customers who have had a septic system breakdown.

This has become a staple for the small septic business market. Those who neglect their customer’s need for an extra toilet when septic trouble arises are asking for someone else to swoop in and service the account. Brandts Septic learned this lesson early on in its career and turned the corner with great ra-pidity. In so doing, they became the most relied-on septic company in their area, which is an impressive accomplishment.
Their collection of portable restrooms is massive and with that being the case, Coloradans who need a portable toilet fast can count on Brandts to deliver with great speed any time, day or night, seven days a week. Because of their exceptional service, it’s easy for them to service, clean, replace, and return used portable restrooms. In the SMB septic world, this is key to winning jobs, nailing down big contracts, and leaving customers with an optimal experience.

If there is one thing we have heard from companies like Brandts over the years, it is when a customer has a septic emergency, the one thing they need is a place to go to the bathroom fast, fast, fast. Like so many other such companies, this is where Brandts excels, and it is the area in which they outpace, outperform, and out-deliver their competition.

Like all of the septic companies we have reviewed, Brandts is as unique as the location and community it serves. They rise to the occasion and have earned a reputation as the solution for septic trouble. In this industry, performance equals branding, and Brandts proves it.


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