Starr Septic Services

Starr Septic Services has been serving Southern New Jersey since 1991. In their more than 30 years of experience serving the major metropolitan area of New Jersey and the outlying communities, you can bet that they have seen the full spectrum of surprises septic systems can produce. These include clogs, broken sewer lines, invasive tree roots, and so much more. Now, just imagine every possible configuration, depth, and scope that these kinds of problems could come in the form of- and know that the team at Starr has seen them all.

That being the case, there are few septic companies in the area that are as qualified to offer the services that Starr offers. They provide septic inspections (both commercial and residential), installation, repairs, pumping, and grease trap pumping. In terms of mainline septic service, that is all of the major boxes checked. Starr Septic has earned a reputation for delivering necessary, sensible septic work without frills, an excess of high-tech equipment, or jargon-laden sales pitches. They simply take the call, make the repair, complete the inspection, and do the work that needs to be done.

Marketing Septic Services in the Age of Universal Fame

At a time when every business has a marketing strategy, an angle, and a branding persona to promote, the simple effectiveness of a company like Starr Septic is refreshing. We’ve spoken with a number of different septic service providers, and the consensus is that septic companies are something like the “fixer” character in a crime movie. Nobody really wants to know what they do. Certainly, nobody wants to see or be involved in what they do. Customers just want their facilities to work, to not make a mess, and to get on with their day. That’s understandable, and that’s the mindset Starr Septic aims to please.

A lot of septic service professionals take on something of a cavalier attitude, especially when they build their company in the midst of a developing community. In decades prior to the 1970s, you would see a lot of this, especially in areas where construction processes were less standardized. The one form of this that we rather appreciate is when it’s limited to a humorous business name or slogan. When the joking and the branding stop there, it’s usually fine. That kind of branding, the Starr team tells us, can work in the right community, but it puts off people who are afraid the joking around will continue on the job.

One technician commented, “Septic problems can be frightening and unexpected, kind of like a horror film. When a homeowner or business owner gets the kind of shock that a malfunctioning septic tank can cause, they don’t feel like laughing. They just want it fixed.”

Armed with their no-nonsense attitude, they deliver inspections, design work, installation, percolation testing, maintenance, pumping, repair, and remediation to dozens of customer locations each week. In a New Jersey area encompassing no fewer than 8 different cities, there’s no time for fooling around.

Starr Septic Service Portable Toilet Rentals

Just like Starr’s septic service capabilities and approach, their portable toilet rental offerings are equally sensible, practical, and oriented toward solving problems rapidly. But just because they are no-nonsense, don’t think that they shy away from more involved contracts. Just like any good portable toilet rental service, they frequently serve construction sites, events, and, of course, emergencies.

Their collection of portable restrooms is, admittedly, massive. That means they have always got enough clean, pumped, and restocked portable toilets ready to go for emergencies and short-notice situations.

Their on-site restroom trailer is another story. It is for special events where guests, participants, and attendees need something more. It features real, fully functional toilets that flush and are as comfortable to use as your home toilet, possibly better. It has real working sinks to ensure guests can wash their hands completely. It is large, with a place to set purses, jackets, and accessories during use, and it offers total privacy. With solid locking doors and occupancy indicators, guests will enjoy total comfort and ease while using these fully featured facilities.

Capable Septic Services With a Mature Touch

After talking with Chuck and some of his team, we came away with the impression that Starr Septic’s work ethic includes leaving a job site looking better than they found it. Starr has a reputation for putting fences back up, tidying up dirt access roads, and picking up after themselves.

With Starr Septic, customers benefit from a mature working ethic – and that may be how they managed to become so well established.


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