5 Small Business Growth Strategies for 2022

Throughout 2021, the U.S. small business sector weathered the economic effects of the continuing pandemic and the uncertainties of the surreal political inconstancy on business directives. Now that you’ve brought your firm through the 2020-2021 chaos, you can look forward to a hopefully more stable 2022, albeit with its current supply chain issues and market uncertainties here in Q1. To head your enterprise on the right course in mid Q1 2022, below is a list of small business planning strategies recommended by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others this year so far.

Recommendations for Small Business Growth in 2022

Here are some new recommended solutions for small business growth in 2022. Implementing some of these strategies can help you better position your business for strong performance through 2022. So, incorporate as many of these approaches as appropriate into your strategic plan for this year:

1. Expand your sales and marketing channels.

Web market congestion and increasing regulations have made online sales and marketing more challenging and have caused many digitally-dependent businesses to pursue different channels. To overcome these difficulties, consider expanding your sales and marketing channels for some product lines and find new creative approaches.
Also, it may be cost-effective to bring in specialized freelancers to perform some tasks and avoid going through a costly, time-intensive process of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training new full-time employees.

2. Partner with other businesses to broaden your reach.

Collaborating with another business gives you both an opportunity for exposure to a larger audience. Working together can benefit businesses in promotional branding, marketing, or sales initiatives. For example, your company might combine an equipment rental discount with another vendor’s discount when both companies are chosen to serve an outdoor event.

Combining resources and staffing to publicize the right high-value dual offer can generate synergies that yield greater returns than the same two investments could produce separately.

3. Position for government contracting opportunities.

Many companies that formerly held state and federal government service or supply contracts have discontinued provisioning in that economic sector. Reportedly, the Department of Defense has recently announced that as many as 60% of the small businesses that helped constitute the government’s base of industrial service and supply providers have stopped operating in government contracts.

Resourceful portable restroom rental suppliers may want to build a channel with the necessary costing and performance models to service government organizations.

4. Upgrade your SEO strategies to elevate your Google ranking.

Video marketing is becoming a virtually necessary component of any marketing strategy. By some estimates, videos now account for over 80% of all consumer web traffic! That is an unprecedented domination by a single marketing medium. So, it has become clear enough that all business marketing should prioritize video SEO this year.
Digital marketing industry experts recommend that small businesses add short videos to some web pages and blog posts to generate higher rates of organic traffic through Google. They advise that the search engine’s algorithm is attracted to articles and SEO posts with short-form videos.

5. Diligently nurture your internal company culture.

Over the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners have been struggling with “The Great Resignation” as it has been so called. It refers to the mass departure of so much of the workforce quitting jobs at truly alarming rates.

One common cause for so many people leaving their jobs during this period is a shift in the sense of healthy balance between their work and personal life and what they find to be acceptable company culture. To help curb this phenomenal attrition, focus on building a more family-centric internal culture that values the work experience and is sensitive to people’s reasonable needs.

A More Agile Small Business Sector

Altogether, the unsettling changes in the business environment and the overall turbulent national circumstances of 2020-2021 were tough to navigate for many small portable restroom rental company operators. This was especially true for those whose resources were not being utilized as essential services in their market areas. But, by most of today’s authoritative accounts, 2022 promises to be a year of moving beyond the worst of the pandemic.
There have been widespread supply chain issues in early 2022, but there is no shortage of initiatives to be implemented as the year goes on into subsequent quarters. Ideas suggested above, like leveraging vendors’ product rollouts, and exploring the potential for obtaining local, state, and federal government contracts, may be viable revenue channels for your team.

Analyzing the potential effects of evolving online marketing challenges and making necessary changes to overcome the web marketing congestion issue may be unavoidable. Inexpensively broadening your business’s marketing resources and using more gig talent, among other ideas, may offer needed solutions in your market for your service model.
In any case, Q1 2022 is undoubtedly a time for scrutinizing your 2022 budget plan, distinguishing needs from wants, and finding some places to trim to help further widen the profit margin by shrinking spending where possible. Depending on your business’s position and your 2022-2023 goals, it may even be time to make room for funding some smaller or larger growth initiatives.

The overarching recommendation is to try some new, different kinds of approaches in this new and very different kind of year in the nationwide dare we call it post-pandemic market for portable restroom service vendors. Of course, before moving forward with any business decision, especially outside your comfort zone, consult a qualified professional to advise you based on your business’s specific needs and financial situation.

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