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If you’ve read more than a handful of the portable toilet and septic service articles we’ve published over the last year, you may have gotten the impression that the best time for small companies like this to start up was between 1970 and 1985. While many local markets were prime for this type of business in that time frame, there are several new septic startups that have proven you can start such a business even in today’s economy, if you pick the right market.

Jay’s Septic & Portable Toilets in Edgartown, MA is a prime example of such a company. Edgartown is an idyllic community on the shore of the northeastern bay of Martha’s Vineyard. As you know, this is a very well-to-do part of the United States. But it has a very high water table, and because it is an island, it is relatively cut off from the rest of the state. They serve an upper-middle-class community of professionals who are accustomed to having their needs taken care of. So when septic trouble rears its ugly head, Jay’s Septic is perfectly positioned to take the lion’s share of the business.

Having been founded in 2004, Jay’s Septic was established well outside of the optimal window of opportunity for a business like this. But because of the nature of the location, the iron was ready for striking for this one-of-a-kind, family-owned company. Over the last 17 years, their company has grown significantly. They have expanded their list of services to include portable toilet rentals for commercial and residential clients.

Portable Toilets in Martha’s Vineyard

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of building and expanding on the residential properties in this highly sought-after part of the country. The residents, whether they make their homes here or own vacation homes, are always looking to add new luxurious features to their properties. For Jay’s Septic, that means big business. Portable toilets are a high commodity for any construction site, especially when permanent toileting facilities are out of commission.

What’s more, because Martha’s Vineyard is something of a resort community, there are plenty of events, celebrations, concerts, and other large gatherings that call for portable toilets. That includes weddings, bar-mitzvahs, family get-togethers, and much more. Whenever these events are in the planning phase, Jay’s Septic is the go-to service to provide portable toilet rentals.

They have an absolutely massive collection of portable toilets, which just goes to show the enormous demand for this type of service in this part of the country. The portable toilets they carry are are light, easy to transport, easy to store variety, which is ideal for delivering long rows of toilets where they are needed fast. In a part of the country where big summer events are planned at set up overnight, that’s what you need- loads of portable toilets that will show up in record time. That’s what Jay’s Septic does best.

If you wanted to design a winning business model based on rental porta-potties, your best bet would be to travel back in time to 2003, and beat Jay’s Septic to the punch!

Septic Service in Martha’s Vineyard

The positioning of Jay’s Septic isn’t just serendipitous in terms of the rental toilet aspect of their business. Their septic services as well are often in high demand. Many a time, we’ve commented on how the right kind of community in the right kind of environmental circumstances enables a septic service company to thrive. Well, the conditions could not be more perfect for Jay’s Septic.

Because Martha’s Vineyard is an island, it has a high water table. That alone will place septic service in high demand. But, with the occasional Nor’easter, their services are often needed on an on-call basis when these storms bring wind, snow, rain, and flooding to the region.

When wind and flooding sweep in unexpectedly, it can wreak havoc on the septic systems in this area. Not only can these systems be easily overwhelmed by flooding, but the ground will often shift which can compromise the integrity of a tank. Needless to say, when this happens, residents are quick to call up their local septic saviors at Jay’s Septic & Portable Toilets.

When these types of emergencies arise, customers need a quick septic repair, and they also tend to need rental toilets while the system is being restored to full functionality. That being the case, Jay’s Septic are seen as local heroes by the many residents and businesses who would have been completely out of luck without them.

Simple, No Nonsense, Essential, & On-Call

They make the grade by being ready and able to deliver at a moment’s notice. They are a lightning-fast company that is there when the community needs them, in a location where residential builders are known to have put the cart somewhat before the horse when it comes to septic installation.

It’s a situation that places Jay’s Septic on par with first responders in Martha’s Vineyard. In terms of planning a business that’s ideal for the market, this company is like a silver bullet.


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