6 Advertising Tips to Engage Your Local Audience

It is no surprise that your clients have a direct impact on your business’s revenue. As having no clients means no business, getting and retaining clients is a challenge that septic, sewer, or portable restroom contractor must face. However, this does not have to be an uphill battle.

The first hurdle is getting your prospective clients familiar with your services and how they can benefit from them. Then, you can focus on engaging your local audience and attracting more customers. Let’s look at the advertising tips that you can start practicing now.

1. Start a Social Media Challenge

Leveraging the power of the internet and social media can be all you need to get your business in front of your prospective customers. Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you can efficiently channel your marketing costs to attract your target audience. You can also create a Tik Tok challenge or host a giveaway contest to convert participants to customers.
With so many options available, advertising on social media can be overwhelming. However, it helps to start small. Begin by identifying your ideal customer and targeting the social media platform they are likely to use the most. Then, you can focus on reaching them through that platform and expanding to other platforms as your business progresses.

2. Work On Your Website

A website is more than the front door of your business. It is what greets, welcomes, and entertains your potential clients in your stead. Your website speaks for you when people search for your services online.
If you do not have a website, this is your wake-up call to get one. If you have one, consider revamping your website to effectively represent your septic, sewer, or portable restroom business and keep your potential customers. In addition to including brand-related content on your website, quality educational content such as informative articles will keep your clients engaged and coming back for more.

3. Ask For Reviews

When choosing a service, people rely heavily on other people’s opinions that have previously used it. By asking your local audience for reviews, you create testimonials that attract more clients to your services. Reviews do not only serve as feedback for you; they also validate your business’s credibility to potential clients.
Reviews can also come in the form of referrals. Your customers become brand advocates by promoting your services, amplifying your reach, and attracting more clients.

4. Offer Clients Discount Prices

Everyone likes a good discount. You can create discount deals targeting new customers to attract more clients. Discounts can serve as that little nudge to get your potential customers to choose your business if they have been considering it.

Using introductory discounts to attract customers to your business reduces the barriers to securing new clients. Once they become your clients, you can convert them to loyal customers.

5. Be Part of Community Events

Local audiences love brands that participate in community events. Giving back to society shows you value your customers and the community. Also, by sponsoring or volunteering for these events, you can publicize your business freely.
Creating or hosting events that customers can participate in is also beneficial. This encourages engagement and increases the chemistry between you and your clients.

6. Partner With Complementary Companies

Collaboration is the new competition. Partnering with other businesses that share a similar target audience with you can reduce your marketing costs and help you achieve your desired goals. For example, working with a construction or recreational company can result in an amazing partnership.

Track Your Progress and Keep Improving

Attracting and engaging clients for your septic, sewer, or portable restroom business is not a one-time process. A significant part of advertising is finding out what works for you and your clients while producing the best results. Focus on implementing these tips at a steady pace, and with time you will expand your customer base.


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