Superior Septic Services

With nearly a quarter of a century in the business of doing direct septic service in the suburbs around the northeast side of Seattle, Washington, Superior Septic Service has made quite a name for itself.

The standard life cycle of a septic service company goes something like this: Beginning with a single septic service truck, the company expands for at least a decade before acquiring portable toilets for rentals. Once the portable toilet rental business grows sufficiently, the company begins to curtail its septic service capabilities and begins to focus on catering to events and construction sites with portable toilets. You might think of it as something of a rite of passage.

But not so with Superior Septic Service. This family-owned and operated organization has made septic service its primary function, and this did not change when they acquired their collection of portable toilets. Their services include septic pumping and repair, septic inspections, boat and RV septic service, 300 gallon RV temporary tank removal, and portable toilet rentals. Interestingly, their septic services have been their chosen growth area, even as the success of their portable toilets grows.

Their portable toilet collection includes about a dozen standard, single-stall blue units, and one dual stall luxury trailer. Their single stall units are well and promptly serviced and their luxury trailer is top of the line, capable of serving 160 guests over 6 hours.

A Uniquely Focused Septic Company

Superior Septic’s laser focus on septic-related service is unusual. But when you look into their organization a little further, it starts to make sense. For a start, the terrain and water table in northern Washington state is known for its septic problems. With the proximity of one of the world’s largest fault lines, the high water table, coastal location, and the high variance in temperatures between the hot and cold seasons, septic tanks have their work cut out for them.

Superior Septic’s Focus on Value-Added Local Marketing

Superior Septic’s commitment to value-added septic service doesn’t end with their focus on septic. They also maintain what’s probably the most well-organized and up-to-date septic service blog page among any of the small and medium-sized companies we’ve covered. They have what appears to be a monthly blog column that goes back for years and years. If you’ve ever had a septic problem or suspected that you did, then a blog like that is a godsend.

What it shows is that they understand the fact that their customer base may have a problem they don’t understand, and if they don’t believe they can afford to call a professional septic service, they will start searching for other solutions. More often than not, this will lead the would-be customer to an online forum. But it will also lead them to the blog pages of companies like Superior Septic Service.

This allows the customer to learn in detail all about the very thing that is on their mind. They can get their questions answered, discover exactly what the cause of their problem is, and discover on their own what services to seek out. In online marketing, we talk about “value-added content,” and this is exactly what we mean.

If you were a homeowner in Maple Valley Washington with a problem such as an odd septic smell, or sewage rising to the surface of the soil in your yard, you might quickly perform a Google search briefly describing the situation. In so doing, you would be presented with a few pages of search results which is likely to contain a link to a Superior Septic Service blog page that will tell you exactly what the issue is and what service you need to remedy it.


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