A.D.B. Construction & Septic Corp: A Full-Service Construction Septic Company

Over the last 22 months, we’ve covered many interesting and innovative septic services and portable toilet companies. Most of them made their bones by serving the unique needs of unique communities with grit and determination, and the company we’re featuring today is no different. But where A.D.B. Construction & Septic Corp does stand out is well worth discussing.

A.D.B. is one of few such organizations whose septic services and portable toilet rentals are designed to support and compliment construction operations. Far from precluding them from serving ordinary domestic locations and business contracts, A.D.B’s particular facility for servicing the local construction industry gives them a broader than the average list of capabilities, not a more limited one.

A.D.B. was established in Manchester, CT over two decades ago, at a time when the boom economies of the 1980s were on their way out. Back then, the Internet was in its infancy and companies like A.D.B. were mostly focused on local-level branding. Like most septic companies, they kick-started their business by being the roughest and ready septic company in town that would serve developing communities on an as-needed basis. This gave A.D.B. a close connection with the local construction industry. More and more, they began servicing construction sites with a mind to do that very thing in a construction-optimized way.

What does this mean? Does it mean they know less about the septic needs of the restaurant industry or the domestic customer base? Not at all. According to the CEO, “septic service is construction.” He says the key isn’t in providing different services or owning a different set of tools. It’s about knowing how construction teams work, what their schedules tend to look like, what part of a job site is the best for setting up equipment, arranging portable toilets, and so on. He says, “It’s about speaking their language. It’s about letting them know that we’re here to support what they are doing, not just deliver services and toilets and stick our hand out for the check.”

A.D.B’s Unique Service Profile

As you might expect, they’ve got a lot in common with other great, local-level septic service companies. This includes being deeply connected with the community and having a reputation for doing a job that nobody wants to go not done. In that way, they’re a bit like the “fixer” character in your average heist thriller. They show up any time, day or night, to take care of problems no one wants to deal with.


Every local-level septic service provider has to do what they can to keep their pricing competitive, especially for the domestic portion of their customer base. When a homeowner has a septic emergency, they need help, and A.D.B. has learned that instead of walking away from a cash-strapped customer, it’s better for the brand to work with them, offer flexible payment, and deliver the job just as punctually as they would otherwise.


It’s one thing to have the gear and the knowledge to do a job. But experience adds reliability, confidence, and problem-solving skills that a start-up septic company can’t match.

24/7+ Service

Based on our research, few septic service companies working during the last 70 years are going to be able to make ends meet without offering round-the-clock service. So, 24/7 service is nothing special. But offering that same round-the-clock service on weekends and holidays is. You can bet, that responding to a septic emergency in the middle of a high holiday is a sure way to win the customer’s sincerest appreciation.

Fully Tooled & Equipped

Providing for the septic and toileting needs of a construction site can be a tough challenge. Any construction project can be expected to run into snags, supply problems, hiccups in design and engineering decisions. A good septic service company has to be able to change its footing on the fly to keep up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Another policy A.D.B. has in common with many great local-level septic companies is an uncompromising policy of guaranteeing the satisfaction of the client. They do not drive away until everything is working properly and passes the sniff test.

A.D.B. Products & Services

There aren’t going to be any surprises on their services list, and that’s a good thing. With A.D.B. you get septic inspections, tank pumping, drain cleaning, sewer repairs, septic tank, and equipment installation, pump chambers, and pipe relining. Among these, it’s pipe relining and repairs that likely make them an especially good match for the construction industry, but these services are hardly rare among similar organizations. Once again, it’s how they operate that makes them special, not what they operate.

Of course, their portable toilet rentals are also optimized for the construction industry. This means they don’t often cater to events, and more upscale crowds, though they certainly can. A.D.B. prefers the simple and straightforward needs of construction crews of all sizes. That said, if you’re turning out a construction project of almost any size, A.D.B. is ready to deliver a number of portable toilets to suit the needs of the job with full service and swap-out units as needed.

It’s reassuring to find after covering so many local-level septic companies that the best ones do have one thing in common; a down-to-earth touch for customer service paired with an insistence on quality.



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