8 Innovative Ways to Revamp Your Septic, Sewer, or Portable Restroom Business’s Website

One major part of your business should be a great website. Your website often gives potential customers a first look at your brand. If your website is outdated, complicated, or unprofessional-looking, you may lose customers before they even understand what you have to offer.

Essential for success in today’s digital world, your website should be revamped on occasion. So let’s take a look at eight innovative ways to revamp your septic, sewer, or portable restroom business’s website.

1. Keep it Simple

You want to use your website to attract and retain customers. They need to visit, find what they need, and engage quickly. When website content is easy to use, you’ll get more engagement out of visitors.
Most websites have navigation bars that contain anywhere from 5-7 main categories. These usually include headings like “About Us,” “Contact Us” and “Blog.” In addition, each subheading has content on each topic.

2. Take Advantage of Headings by Using Keywords

The average person can see as many as 11,000 ads in one day! Short chunks of words are easier to read. They also get the attention of the people visiting your site. Take a look at your website headings and see if you can make them shorter. You’ll take advantage of short attention spans, break up your content and make it easier to read.

3. Don’t Forget the CTA

A call to action, or CTA, is an integral part of any small business website. It encourages your website visitors to do something. “Book here,” “download this information” and “save X percentage off your first booking” are examples of calls to action that can be added to your website to increase engagement.
CTAs can easily be changed with the season or to align with your sales or marketing goals.

5. Update Images

The images on your website are often the first thing a potential customer sees. Do the images on your current site represent your brand? Are they cohesive? If not, spend the time and money to update your images.
Think about your target audience when selecting images. Updating images to reflect your brand and your audience will make your website shine.

6. Use Current Customer Testimonials

When potential customers visit your site, they want to know why to choose your business over another business that offers the same service. If you incorporate customer testimonials on your website, you increase credibility.
Don’t go overboard, though! A few testimonials can have a significant impact.

7. Utilize a Website Hosting Service That Comes With Tech Support

A website host — or website hosting provider — can be an invaluable, behind-the-scenes tool for small business owners. This company will give you the technology and services to make your website function properly.
There are quite a few options with website hosting, from shared servers and dedicated servers to virtual private servers. The cost for each of these services can vary widely depending on what resources you want and how much security you need. Several popular options for website hosting include GoDaddy, Bluehost, and SiteGround.

8. Examine and Fix Links

Sometimes, minor tweaks to your website can have the most significant impact. Visit your website from a mobile device. Click on the internal links, make sure that each link works properly. Does your Instagram icon link to your social media page? If not, fix it.



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