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Triple “A” Septic & Portable Restroom Rentals in Shelton Washington is a septic and portable toilet rental company with a sense of humor. When you navigate to their website, the first thing you see is the most frequently used joke in the business, “We’re number 1 in the number 2 business.” But of course, few septic service patrons or toilet rental customers will ever see that slogan more than once, so it works. But a good sense of humor is important in this industry, and when you see a company that has it, you’re usually in good hands. Companies like AAA Septic do an extraordinarily hands-on job, and they cater to a customer base that cannot afford to have their needs dismissed.

Dana and Debora Lovely, the owners and operators of AAA Septic, moved to Shelton WA in 1993 and founded their septic company shortly after that. Since then, their family and their company have grown in children, trucks, capabilities, and services rendered. After nearly 30 years in the business, serving the Shelton community, AAA Septic has become the most well-known, most sought after, and most highly praised company of its kind in the area.

If you’ve followed our ongoing series on local level septic and portable restroom companies for long, you’ll know there’s only one way to achieve that – through hard work, trustworthy and personalized customer service, and a willingness to fire up the suction truck at any time day or night. That’s why we point out the ubiquitous septic service joke mentioned above. When you see that, you can almost bet, you’re looking at someone willing to go the extra mile for you.

When they started in the septic business, AAA Septic only offered basic septic services. But today, if you visit the corporate offices out on Brockdale Road, you’ll see an impressive collection of portable toilets and septic service trucks. They provide portable toilet rentals to three counties.

They make themselves readily available to their community, encouraging new businesses to stop by their main office any time to talk about their needs and schedule service.

AAA Septic’s Septic Services

A quick look at AAA Septic’s fleet includes three septic trucks and one heavy-duty pickup truck.
On close inspection, you may notice that these septic trucks are slightly larger than average. Also, pumping is far from the only septic service they offer.

They also provide maintenance inspections and operations inspections. That means an inspection designed to determine the extent of service needed. That means their quotes are reliable. It also means they can provide inspections designed to determine the functional capabilities of a given septic tank. AAA Septic takes pride in its ability to assess the condition and functionality of a given septic tank. That’s important in a small community in a rainy climate where big shipments are not always available and where heavy rains can quickly turn a functioning tank into one that needs care. They also offer home sale service, septic repair, septic line camera inspection, jetting, and riser installation.

Dana says, “Gravity-driven systems should be inspected and pumped every 3 to 5 years as needed, in accordance with county health requirements. Pressurized systems need to be inspected on an annual basis by a specialist. We can look up the specific needs of a given customer’s system and provide them with customized recommendations for maintenance.”

AAA Septic’s Portable Restroom Rental Services

As you know, few septic service companies worth their salt lack robust portable toilet rental capabilities. AAA Septic is no different. They have a substantial collection of portable toilets available for rent. These include standard units, units equipped with hand sanitizer, and handicap-accessible units. They also offer restrooms capable of servicing large events, units designed to serve the needs of construction sites, units with full flushing capabilities, and ones with above-ground holding tanks.

They also offer pumping services for above-ground holding tanks at residences and vacation properties and grease trap pumping service for restaurants. In an area where tourism is critical to the hospitality industry, grease trap clearance is in extremely high demand.

AAA’s Special RV Service

Up to this point, their offerings are pretty much standard fare for a company of this kind. But AAA Septic does stand out from the crowd in at least one important way. They offer custom septic pumping services for recreational vehicles. This is important because Shelton Washington is a major hub of RV activity.

Located on the northwest coast, Shelton sees far more than its share of RV traffic. As non-native travelers to the area, Dana and Debora understand the needs of this demographic very well. An RV with septic trouble can be a real problem. AAA Septic offers personalized service and is able to come to the location of a given RV customer and clear out their tanks on site. Usually, RV owners have to find a dedicated pumping station, and such facilities are not always ready to serve. Needless to say, the Lovelys have become the go-to team when it comes to serving the needs of the Recreational Vehicle community in their area.

Today, the second generation of the Lovely family is serving the septic needs of Shelton, WA. Like many such companies, this organization continues to serve a grateful community in a part of the country with unique needs.


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