3 Tips to Expand Your Septic, Sewer, or Portable Restroom Business’s Online Presence

The internet is today’s fast track to growth. Any business can harness the web’s power to reach new customers and strengthen relationships with current clients.

However, when you think of a company excelling on social media or achieving success with online advertising, a septic, sewer, or portable restroom business seldom comes to mind. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t — the internet is vast enough for any enterprise to make a splash and grow.

Here are three tips to expand your septic, sewer, or portable restroom business’s online presence.

1. Embrace Social Media Platforms

Social media is a bigger catch-all term than it’s ever been. Social media comprises a large number of websites and applications through which users share their activity and engage with each other and their audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are some of the most popular platforms today, and they each have their unique way in how they allow users to interact with the web.

Social media is currently such a central element to the internet that it often essentially replaces a business’s website. That is, a business will probably still have a website, but customers are more likely to go to and interact with the business via their social media channels.

At first, embracing social media may seem daunting; however, there’s no need for you to be on every single platform. Take a moment to look into some of them, and give perhaps three or four a try. Create a Facebook page and publish some posts about your company. Try filming a short video on TikTok. Take a photo and share it to Instagram with a caption about your business. Tweet a few thoughts about your field.

Then, after you test-drive the various social media tracks, pick two to focus on. Channel your allotted time and energy into these, creating unique and high-quality content, posting consistently, and engaging with your audience. As you better understand the platforms and consistently share and engage, your following will grow, which leads to more people knowing about your business and seeking your services.

2. Collaborate with Other Businesses

The internet holds massive collaborative power, and one of the best things you can do to grow your brand is to partner with other businesses.

While you can do this with companies anywhere in the world, it’s perhaps easiest and in your best interest to start with another business in your community. Let’s look at an example.

For instance, maybe there is a well-known golf course in your town for which you provide septic servicing. This golf course has a thriving online presence and enjoys making fun videos on YouTube. Your business is relatively new to social media, but you’ve started to garner a loyal following on YouTube as well. Someone from the golf course and yourself could collaborate on a video where you both do something creative, fun, and informative together and mention each other’s businesses. Then, you can each share the video on your respective YouTube channels and link to each other.

In this way, audience cross-pollination occurs, as your YouTube subscribers are introduced to the golf course and vice versa. Furthermore, in a real-world sense, the local business community is strengthened. It’s a beneficial collaboration on multiple fronts.

The partnership possibilities are limitless — any two businesses can find common ground and share audiences.

3. Give Targeted Online Advertising a Try

Targeted ads allow you to pinpoint potential customers to whom to send content, and the ability to publish ads exists across most social media platforms.

For instance, let’s say you’re on Facebook. You can create a sixty-second video as a Facebook ad, educating Facebook users about your business with this entertaining, unique, and informative clip. Then, you can choose for that video to be put in front of men between the ages of 25-65 who live in your state and the three nearby states. Next, you’d establish a marketing budget with a maximum of how much you’d like to spend per day and in total. Then, that video will be advertised to people within your specified parameters.

As your ad is sent out, you can review its performance and modify your marketing campaign as you see fit.
Targeted online advertising efficiently focuses your time and resources on getting in front of your target customers. It’s one of the best ways to expand your business’s online presence; therefore, definitely worth a solid effort.

Stay Tuned

Social media, collaboration, and targeted ads are three powerful ways to expand your business’s online presence. However, the internet is always morphing and developing, so be sure to stay tuned as to what avenues for growth may pop up and how you might best harness the next opportunity.

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