A Royal Flush: A Company Where Focus & Philanthropy Make a Difference

Most septic service and portable bathroom rental services start from the passion and determination of a single person and are carried on by a family, or they are started by a family. A Royal Flush is unique in its origins as it is the creation of five friends with a vision and 400 portable toilets. The company gets its name from the number of founders and the nature of the business.

A Unique Origin Story

After nearly 30 years of doing business, a Royal Flush has become a leading provider of portable toilets and restroom trailers in the Northeastern United States. Today, they own and operate over 10,000 portable toilets, 60 high-end restroom trailers, and 80 trucks serving Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. They provide portable toilets and related services to sporting events, concerts, municipal projects, weddings, construction sites, and more. Today, this business project of five young men has grown into a family business, as most portable toilet rental eventually companies do.

Perhaps what makes them truly unique in the industry is the fact that they do not provide septic service of any kind. Comparing them to hundreds of similar businesses, this has proven to be their one most outstanding attribute. The vast majority of portable toilet rental companies got their start as septic service providers, expanded their septic service capabilities, and eventually grew their portfolio to include portable toilets. The few exceptions we’ve covered built their businesses on a variation on that theme, but none come to mind that went directly into portable toilet rentals as A Royal Flush did.

A Simple Portfolio Means Better Service

That being the case, they can focus their services on their portable toilet rentals exclusively. Swapping out units, cleaning and sanitizing them, dealing with customers, and providing very competitive service in that regard is how they make their bones. According to the current owner/operators, it enables them to deliver, swap, and service portable toilets faster, replace them more quickly and guarantee cleanliness on a level that places them ahead of the competition in the portable toilet rental industry.

While A Royal Flush’s competitors spread themselves out over septic cleaning, repair, inspections, deal with real estate processes, negotiate with code inspectors, and pump and clean their septic service trucks, ARF is renting and servicing portable toilets exclusively. While every portable toilet rental company promises excellent customer service, ARF delivers because of its unique focus on this one aspect of the industry. In addition to focusing their range of services to deliver unbeaten quality portable toilet rental and service, ARF is also committed to safety and sustainability. They make this a reality with hands-on service to all of their clients.

A Wide Range of Products

To support their laser focus on portable rental toilets, ARF provides a long list of support products. These include their premiere restroom trailer series with luxurious accommodations for high-end events and clients. It also includes their 8ft restroom trailer which is smaller, and more affordable but does not lack in quality, and their 12ft and 14ft trailers which are as deluxe as they come and rival the quality of high-end indoor restrooms. They also offer 15, 16, 20, 24, and 28ft trailers. Over the years, these luxury portable restroom trailers have earned ARF their reputation for top-notch quality as they are the best in the business.

In addition to these and their ten-thousand+ portable restrooms, they also provide high-rise portable toilets, fresh flush toilet systems, and a wide variety of handwashing stations. Other products and services include:

• Temporary septic holding tanks
• Gas-powered electric generators
• Advanced cleaning systems
• Advanced sanitation
• Potable Water system
• Precision Service Plan

Their Precision Service Plan includes full portable restroom sanitation and cleaning, consumable replenishment, and regular inspections.

A Royal Flush: Making a Difference During COVID

ARF’s full range of sanitation services, and particularly their advanced cleaning services, have helped businesses to stay open and others to reopen as state and federal restrictions mandate. Companies have struggled with the regulatory burden of these times, and ARF has helped many organizations and merchants to stay afloat where others have struggled.

A Commitment to Veterans

A Royal Flush is about more than their focus on quality portable toilet rental service and their one-of-a-kind back story. They are also about giving back to those who give all of us so much, our nation’s veterans. It isn’t until you follow their link to their partnership page with the HonorBound Foundation that you learn that the leadership of A Royal Flush represents three generations of US Marine Corps veterans.

What’s more, A Royal Flush has been working for the benefit of veterans for over four decades. HonorBound works with social service professionals across the country to deliver support to veterans and their families. The HonorBound Foundation pays utility bills, enabling veterans to keep the lights on and provides other forms of support for American heroes in need.

Like most companies in this industry, A Royal Flush is deeply integrated with the communities it serves. Most of the companies we cover endeavor to go above the call of duty to give back, but few go as far as A Royal Flush.



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