7 Crucial Leadership Tips

Leading successful septic, sewer, and portable restroom business can be a daunting task. When carrying out different tasks and ensuring that your choices are best for your business, there are many factors to consider. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered. Here are seven tips for leading successful septic, sewer, or portable restroom business.

1. Know Your Limits

Even the toughest of leaders have their limits. It’s admirable to know when you’ve done more than you can handle because it means that you are a self-aware leader. Setting boundaries and sticking to them eliminates confusion and frustration among employees and lets them know what is expected of them.

2. Be Transparent

More often than not, your team can tell if you are hiding something from them. As a leader, it is your job to inform them of the important details of the septic, sewer, or portable restroom company and its operations. They work at the same company as you; wouldn’t you want to know important information if you were in their shoes? This includes being truthful about where the company stands, where the company is headed, and how services are viewed or need fixing. Design the company’s vision by being forthcoming about what it is you do and what you care about.

3. Reward Your Team

Rewards can be small or big, depending on the recognition of work. For example, if you have to meet quotas, give a small reward to an employee when a quota is met. Sometimes, employees can feel like their work isn’t recognized. Using a platform like Bonusly can help your employees feel recognized across the board. Plus, the rewards they receive can be redeemed for real items such as coupons or gifts.

4. Adopt a Selfless Mindset

Leadership isn’t all about you; it’s about the people under you and within your septic, sewer, or portable restroom company. Being in charge is not the primary role of being a leader; guiding your team is. No matter what promotions you’re in the running for or how many bonuses are on the line, your team should always come first. Listen to their concerns and apply solutions to their issues while keeping the company’s values in mind.

5. Keep Things Straight

Let’s face it: meetings can go off track frequently. When a clear plan is not presented, it can be hard to stay on track with the goal in mind and get tasks accomplished. Set a schedule of topics that need to be discussed and communicate what you need to. That said, if you trust your team to do their job, then there is no need to micromanage. Keeping meetings organized and swift will not only improve efficiency but also save you money.

6. Mistakes Are Normal

Mistakes are more than just normal; they’re human. Everyone is bound to make a mistake, so do not beat yourself up over it. Instead, be open to the feedback, criticism, and the lessons you learn from those mistakes. Your team should be a safe space to learn and grow from each mistake you make.

7. Pinpoint Key Motivators

Do you know what motivates your team to succeed? Sit down and ask them! Asking your team members what they need from a leader to excel and complete tasks goes a long way. This will lead to happier employees who are motivated to accomplish their tasks on time. Each employee has a different way to get motivated — take time to find out how.

Being a Leader Is More Than a Title

Leading your septic, sewer, or portable restroom business is hard work and takes time. It’s more than just the title you receive or the paycheck; it’s about your methods and your character. Consider each one of your employee’s needs and lead them efficiently. Being self-aware and starting from scratch will take you further than you know. By using these seven tips, you will make your team more productive and connected over time.



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