Clinkscales Portable Toilets and Septic Service

Clinkscales Portable Toilets & Septic Service got its start in the liquid waste hauling and septic service business 30 years ago in 1981 in Molalla, Oregon. While they’re not the oldest family-owned septic service company out there, they are certainly close to the more experienced end of the spectrum.

An important part of their formula for success is being deeply connected to the community they serve. A quick look through their image gallery and some newspaper clippings reveals a family company that loves to have fun and loves mixing it up around town and at local events. They’re a regular presence at parades, Halloween festivals, Fourth of July events, and more.

The company has grown quite a bit over the years to accommodate the growing needs of Molalla and the surrounding area. In ’92 the second generation of Clinkscales, Trent, and Terry, bought the company from their parents and incorporated portable toilet rentals into its toolkit. In 2017, Trent bought Terry’s portion of the company and brought his wife, Lorry, on board to expand the company’s capabilities.

Active in the Molalla Community

Clinkscales is a member of the Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association (O2WA), the Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Portable Sanitation Association International. Trent became a member of O2WA in 2021 and currently serves as the organization’s president. The company has been featured in the local newspaper, the Molalla Pioneer, five times in the last two years as sponsors of local events, for providing containers, donating portable restrooms to blood-drive efforts, festivals, and sporting events. In 2018 Clinkscales provided portable toilets to a massive gathering of people eager to see the solar eclipse. At the Arta Potties event, their portable toilets were available for use as comedic canvasses for artists to render their visions upon.

Always ready to serve their customers and their community, their entire fleet of transport delivery vehicles are on radio dispatch to provide quick septic services and portable toilet delivery.

Their full list of services includes:
• Quality portable toilets
• Party potties for private and public events
• Residential and commercial septic services

Their rental service includes high-quality equipment to ensure reliable use and service. Pick up and deliveries are included in their rental package and they also provide short and long-term portable restroom rentals for commercial clients.

Over the years they have earned their reputation for quality septic tank maintenance and cleaning services. These include video inspection, drain cleaning, power jet cleaning, power snaking, general septic pumping, and real estate evaluations.

Septic Real Estate Evaluations

Septic real estate evaluations are not a topic that comes up a lot, but it is critical when a homeowner is looking to renovate their property with additions or changes that will or might effect the septic system. These include hardship cases for property owners looking to add a mobile home to the property and connect to the existing septic system.

Another real estate septic evaluation known as a “time of transfer” inspection takes place when a property changes hands. It’s a detail that a lot of real estate agents will overlook. But it can be an unwelcome surprise when a property owner moves into a recently acquired building, only to find that the septic system needs repairs or service. These inspections require the tank to be uncovered through excavation. The distribution boxes must be uncovered, and water introduced to the tank to allow the contents to move to the distribution box and be taken by the drain field. Then the tank is pumped and the company can take note of any structural deficiencies or other problems.

Clinkscales provides a complete written evaluation of the condition of the tank to the pertinent party.

“Unfortunately, real estate professionals who would rather ignore potential septic issues cause more problems than they need to,” Trent Clinkscales explains. “Rather than be proactive and take the initiative to have a septic inspection completed before a sale, they run the risk of having their clients return to them with their unfinished business.”

It’s not exactly a great selling point for real estate agents to bring up septic tank issues, and new home buyers oftentimes prefer not to think about it and hope for the best. Terry explained that if the property investor has not included potential septic problems in their home buying budget, it can create a financial disaster. For this reason, the Clinkscales team is proactive about advertising their septic evaluation service.

“It’s cheaper than repairing a septic tank emergency,” Terry says. “And if there is damage, it’s important to take preventative action before an unpleasant and expensive event takes place.”

On the Lighter Side of Septic Service

With all that unpleasantness behind us, Clinkscales is better known for its light-hearted approach to serving Molalla’s needs. With their “Party Potties,” they help keep their local community vibrant and fun. They love to take part in the events and festivals they serve, and the humor inherent in their line of work is not lost on the six-man team.

But all the fun and frivolity wouldn’t mean much if Clinkscales wasn’t dedicated to top-quality sanitation, maintenance of the grounds they service, and the equipment they provide. Oregon is a mild climate, but hailstorms, cloudbursts, tornadoes, and the active river system mean Clinkscales is always on the watch for septic emergencies.

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