6 Payroll Tips for Profitable Septic, Sewer, or Portable Restroom Contractors

It’s payday, the day that all of your employees look forward to. But, if your payroll system isn’t organized or up to date, you might be stressed out over how to approach payroll. So, we will provide you with six tips to stay organized and keep your septic, sewer, or portable restroom contractor business running smoothly.

1. Pay Frequency and Methods

How often are you paying your employees — monthly, bi-weekly, weekly? Whatever pay period you decide on, remember that it should be in the employee’s best interest. Each pay period has its ups and downs. Weekly pay periods satisfy employees but are a lot to keep up with.
Depending on the role within your company, a salary setup might not make sense. At times, paying by the hour can be complex, as you have to keep track of how many hours your employees have worked. Use timesheet software to let your employees keep track of their time on the clock. You can even integrate it with your payroll software.

2. Pick the Right Software

The right software will help your company stay more organized. When looking for payroll software, keep in mind that it’s suggested your software has a cloud option where you can safely and easily access all of your information. This centralizes all of your information, allowing you to obtain it from anywhere at any time.

3. Make a Budget

When creating a payroll plan, make sure you budget in bonuses or commissions for your employees and state and federal taxes. Additionally, do not forget that employers are required to pay Social Security, as well as Medicare taxes. Depending on your location, you may have to pay other employment taxes as well.
Your expenses will grow at the same rate your business will grow, meaning your payroll expenses will only get bigger. As you factor in benefits for your employees, the costs will only increase. Plan for these expenses to ensure your payroll is organized. Sit down with an accountant, determine your budget, and keep your costs as low as possible.

4. Invest In a Human Resources Manager

Simplify your payroll methods by hiring a Human Resources Task Manager. They will delegate tasks and force companies to keep all of their information in one place, saving time and money — the less time spent organizing your payroll, the better.

5. Keep Up With Payroll Laws

Stay up to date with your state’s labor laws and turn in payroll accurately and on time. As you add more people to your employment roster, it can be challenging to keep up with different employment classifications and the benefits that come with it. Consider investing in software that not only takes into account your payroll process but HR and labor laws as well. Missed deadlines can lead to penalties, and over time, this can become a massive pain for any business owner. Brush up on your state law knowledge to keep organized and avoid those pesky fees.

6. Layout a Concise Payroll Policy

Some contracts have blurred lines between the fine print, but your payroll policy shouldn’t. You should be upfront and clear about things like:
• Which holidays your employees are allowed to have off
• When and how they will be paid
• Compensation
• Vacation time
• Sick days
• Reimbursement information

You should disclose any other relevant information as well. Keep the document with all this information on file and readily available for your employees to access regularly if they need a refresher. Being transparent and honest with your employees on what is expected of them with the payroll process will make your job a lot easier.

Implement These 6 Tips Today to Save Yourself Time, Money, and Frustration
Navigating the world of payroll is a difficult task starting, but it doesn’t have to be so frustrating. Give yourself some space by using these six tips for your septic, sewer, or portable restroom contractor business and ensure that payroll is a breeze instead of a pain. Software and processes were invented to help you, not harm you. Save your company time and money starting today!

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