Royal Restrooms: High-End Restroom Trailer Rentals in Seattle WA

Royal Restrooms: High-End Restroom Trailer Rentals in Seattle WA

Royal Restrooms is a standout organization among its peers and partners. They have one of the most experienced and well-trained teams that we’ve had the chance to review here at American Liquid Waste Magazine. The managing partners have been in the business for between 35 and 40 years. That means they have been working in liquid waste removal and portable restroom rentals nearly since these mobile facilities were first invented.

The Royal Restrooms Team

The five working members of the organization have six degrees from prestigious academic institutions between them, which is even more impressive when you consider the amount of working experience they also have.

David Ray, co-owner and managing partner, is a 35-year veteran of the liquid waste business with experience in real estate. His real estate expertise gives him special insights working with customers and clients in their decision-making process involving when and how to use portable restrooms.

Likely the youngest member of the team, Giles Ray, manages scheduling and delivery. He has a bachelor’s degree in geology, which makes him uniquely qualified to advise Royal Restrooms on the placement and installation of permanent and semi-permanent assets.

Daniel Baker might be called the strong man of the team. He manages teams delivering the weekly pumping service for rental restroom facility customers. He is also in charge of maintaining the company’s fleet of trailers and vehicles.

The general manager, Ross Dorn, is the newest member of the Royal Restrooms family. He is responsible for sales, financial operations, and marketing. He also has a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience, which makes him very adept in this role.

Finally, we come to the senior manager and co-owner, Gregor Miller. Gregor brings over 40 years of experience to the business with many years of real estate knowledge and a bachelor’s from the University of Washington.

The Advantages of Real Estate Experience in Portable Restroom Rentals

As Gregor and Ray explain, any good real estate investor worth his salt can easily tell you how the crossover of real estate experience and top-quality bathroom trailer rentals can be a wonderful asset. For a start, real estate development and property investing are rarely a sure-fire thing. Everyone involved in the transaction has to weigh the pros and cons of the deal carefully.

At the end of the day, few major land and property transactions are completed without winners and losers. For those looking into putting a large sum of money down on a project, it’s necessary to be able to spend time on the site, survey the land, assess the property, consult with architects and engineers, as well as other contractors and professionals. In short, it means someone is going to have to use the facility. So it is much better to be able to remain on-site, weigh options carefully and make a well-informed decision.

Even after contracts are signed and everyone involved knows where they stand, then it’s time for the construction teams to move in, and they’re going to benefit from convenient facilities as well.

Royal Restrooms Mobile Bathroom Rental Services

With their unusual skill set, the Royal Restrooms team has made portable restroom rentals their specialty. They designed their portable restrooms to be the perfect match for their market niche. With brightly lit interiors, a stylish décor, large mirrors, full climate control with heating and cooling, and spacious countertops, as well as fully functional toilets, they are the perfect asset for long-term projects.

Royal Restrooms wanted to create facilities that are convenient and luxurious, but they also wanted to build a portable bathroom that would become a new standard in public health.

With particular concern about public health issues stemming from the events of 2020 and 2021, Royal Restrooms wanted to create spacious toilet trailers. Why? Because with space comes a reduction in the likelihood of invading the privacy of others as well as the risk of cross-contamination. It’s a lesson the senior team has taken from their long real estate experience. Because they know that elbow room is the number one thing that separates a mediocre structure from a spectacular one.

Serving Seattle WA & Vancouver Since 2004

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Royal Restrooms is the fact that they didn’t get their start in septic maintenance. Rather, they have come to the portable restroom market via real estate. To date, they are the only such company we have reported on. It’s an excellent way to facilitate the making of big property deals. But, naturally, they do much more than this.

Like any good portable restroom rental provider, they serve weddings, expos, concerts, and other public events with their high-quality restroom trailers with superior-grade-sanitation standards.

Their trailers come in three formats, the Standard, Elite, and ADA Specialty trailers. Each grade represents a step up in quality and luxury. But more importantly, the ADA series trailers come with a level of sanitation that nearly rises to the level of medical grade cleanliness.

Over the coming decade, we expect to see more restroom trailer rental companies like Royal Restrooms, but they will be remembered as pioneers. At a point in time when health and sanitation are more important than ever, Royal Restrooms is unambiguously equal to the role.


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