Payroll Dragging You Down? Here’s the Top 5 Payroll Platforms For You To Know

Small businesses tackle challenging tasks daily, but with 60.6 million U.S. workers employed by small businesses, effective management is essential to running a successful operation. Employees rely on timely payments, and employers risk a costly mistake if they misfile taxes. Payroll processing software through third-party vendors assumes responsibility for services from completing payroll forms, tracking employee hours and benefits, filing taxes to handling year-end forms. Meanwhile, you recover valuable time for your work. When looking for your ideal payroll service, consider user-friendly software, customers’ reviews, pricing, and your own unique needs. With that, here are the top 5 payroll platforms that you should know.


Gusto works perfectly for small businesses looking for a helpful payroll service. They assist new clients in setting up the payroll process and have stellar customer service. Their four different plans allow you to choose based on your business’s size and goals. Highlighted features cover employee benefits management, time tracking, accessibility on devices, direct deposit, and, best of all, multi-state payroll capability. The top plan even gives you the advantage of Gusto’s Human Resource tools. For businesses that need a tried and true payroll software, Gusto offers a trustworthy and intuitive service.


As a payroll service, OnPay seems almost too good to be true. Starting with its pricing, OnPay asks for a flat rate then adds extra costs based on the number of employees working for your business. Not only do they cover employee benefits, tax filings, direct deposit, time tracking, paid time off management, and HR tools, but OnPay efficiently processes payroll and lets you manage the process from your mobile device. OnPay also boasts strong customer support, and their support team trains through the American Payroll Association, showing just how capable they are.


SurePayroll presents an easy solution to your payroll needs, and it works well with different companies in various fields. With intuitive features, SurePayroll fulfills direct deposit, new-employee reporting, time and attendance tracking, and tax reporting. You have two plans from which to choose: Self-Service and Full Service, the latter of which includes Human Resource tools and an advanced payroll time frame. The available mobile app and employee self-service option make SurePayroll an appealing option, though they do ask for an additional fee for end-of-year filings.

Intuit Quickbooks Payroll

Quickbooks are known for their accounting software, but their well-rounded payroll service includes bookkeeping integration, employee benefits, handling payroll taxes, direct deposit, and unlimited processing. They have tax penalty protection and will also integrate company tax payments into Quickbooks accounting software. Year-end forms are a breeze since the company covers them in the price of their plans. The service does have limitations regarding HR support, but it makes up for this with its other benefits. If you ever have issues, you can rest easy with Quickbooks’ reliable customer support.

RUN Powered by ADP

ADP provides comprehensive payroll processing services in addition to other benefits in their four plans. The service automatically files all payroll taxes, and every plan includes employee benefits management, free direct deposit, insurance services, and an efficient way to pay contractors. If you need human resource tools, you can pay extra as part of ADP’s top-tier plans. The software works best for businesses already familiar with payroll software, but you can assess its suitability through the three-month trial period. ADP does not advertise prices, encouraging potential clients to contact them directly to discuss plans, services, and prices.

Putting Your Payroll In Safe Hands

Choosing the payroll processor that complements your business takes effort up front, but the result improves your business and ensures the smooth running of its operations. According to the American Payroll Association, even just automating the process helps businesses reduce payroll costs by up to 80%. Outsourcing payroll means more time focusing on your services and customers, and employees will have confidence in a business that treats their pay and benefits as a priority. Whether your business includes ten employees or you want to grow your brand, these vendors can simplify payroll and save you money in time and risk.


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