Selling B2B and B2C Services in 2021

A lot has changed. As in most industries over the last year, in the portable restroom service subsector, many business teams demonstrated extraordinary agility in rapidly adapting to meet the unusual challenges. Now, they bring all they’ve learned from the strange 2020 experience into a new year of opportunities and continuing challenges for B2B and B2C services sellers. Here are some changes that portable restroom business owners can expect to continue through 2021 and possibly well beyond:

Blending Marketing and Sales Processes

The migration to web-based business communications, including selling, will continue bringing the processes and goals of marketing and sales teams into ever-closer alignment. In the most successful companies, greater mutual access to knowledge and information and continuous collaboration will blend the two formerly distinct groups.
Bringing sales teams and marketing agents into closer coordination means prospects and current customers are at less risk of finding themselves met with the problems of inconsistent information or levels of knowledge that too often occur when these two teams are working too disconnectedly.
The new operational model of the combined marketing/sales department will be joint processes of analysis of prospect management through the sales funnel before the sales presentation and after it. For example, actions to prequalify the prospect and perform preliminary information gathering, all the way through post-close follow-up processes will be shared by marketing and sales teams. Likewise, advertising campaign design, roll-out strategies, lead qualification, and eventual unclosed lead nurturing will be joint efforts.

Remotely Delivering Sales Presentations

For portable restroom rental services sales reps, 2020 was a year of unusual obstacles. From extreme limits on the occupancy of spaces in business buildings to shutdowns and partial shutdowns, and other modes of voluntary and enforced social distancing, to PPE and hand sanitizing practices, open in-person engagement in B2B and B2C sales efforts were often simply too difficult to manage effectively.
Further, face-to-face cold-calling for lead prospecting and in-person sales presentations and other necessary business interactions sales reps must perform were either severely curtailed or even eliminated in many potential customers’ places of business. Already difficult to obtain, direct access to buying decision-makers reached an unprecedented new level of challenge.
Outside salespeople would benefit from recognizing that this situation appears to be potentially permanent. After all, research indicates that more than 75% of B2B buyers and B1B sellers both prefer indirect engagement with people in the selling process, vs. in-person interaction. Only 20% of B2B buyers say they would like to return to receiving in-person sales presentations from potential vendors.

Providing More Compelling Financial Reasons to Buy

Financial justification for buying has always been a key consideration for business customers. In the post-2020 sales environment, the value of their purchasing decisions can be expected to be examined with much closer scrutiny than before last year. After all, budgets have been slashed to emergency extremes, with many businesses imposing spending freezes that have been in effect since the late spring of 2020.
The most successful sales professionals in 2021 will provide the business case for each sales proposal they make and will provide an informed and thoughtful ROI projection. The sales presentation will show how the service can help the prospect realize financial objectives. The best sales presentations will help the new customer feel satisfied that their choice to use the service is a financially beneficial decision.

Simplifying Buyers’ Decision Processes

Generally, in high-stress periods humans are instinctively more risk-averse. Bias toward maintaining the status quo is reinforced by stressful conditions. Counter-intuitively, intensified risk avoidance tends to lend more to the likelihood of making poor decisions. It also increases the tendency to have disproportionate perceptions of the costs of whatever decisions people do make. In those difficult times, any sales presentation that involves even a minor bit of complexity in the buyer’s decision-making process is likely to be viewed negatively.
Before the 2020 health and economic crisis, portable restroom rental sales representatives could feel confident in presenting a whole range of pricing options for rental services, accessories, peripheral products, attendant services, etc. There was not much concern about overwhelming prospective customers with details and numbers they couldn’t comfortably process.
In 2021, sales reps will continue to grapple with the obstacles presented for themselves and their prospective customers due to the pandemic. That means the associated stress on the society can be expected to continue, despite all progress in efforts to adapt fully. So, salespeople must find ways to streamline their sales presentations, simplify pricing options, minimize inconveniences, and offer a smooth, easy experience that innovatively reduces the length and tediousness of the process for buyers, while still ensuring that they receive all necessary information to make their decision.

Updating to More Competitive Sales Technologies

The 2020 quarantine and economic shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic have speeded up the pace of the shift that was already underway to more fully digitalize commercial selling, including. Presentation tools and web-based communications had already partially transformed the sales industry. But, since the onset of the health and economic crisis, employing the best available technologies for more robustly managing the selling process online is becoming an indispensable approach for portable restroom rental companies, just as it is for so many other service sellers.
Amid all the rapid adaptations B2B and B2C sales reps were forced to make during the last year, one thing remained consistently clear — which was that having the technology to facilitate remote verbal and written communications and other sales-related tasks is essential to cultivating mutually beneficial business relationships in the modern competitive portable restroom services market.
It’s never been made more clear that basic CRM technology and VoIP telecom should be high-priority capital investments in future upgrade strategies. Cloud-based systems should also be prioritized for growing companies looking to scale rapidly and seamlessly while cutting key technology costs. Further, ensuring webpage speed, upgraded content, organic backlinks, and top-tier SEO are also fundamentals for competitive success.
It’s also time to update sales presentation-quality, replacing outmoded PowerPoint shows with more dynamic video and interactive alternatives, like web-connected devices, or video conferencing, for example. Social media and web advertising are also inexpensive marketing essentials for the new post-2020 era of small business.

What B2B Services Selling Will Be Like in 2021

In addition to confronting the above list of challenges during 2021, portable restroom rental services sales reps can expect to work in a business environment of continued closures and reduced operations at a great number of prospective customers’ businesses, throughout much of the year, if not all, because of the coronavirus. Adopt the solutions recommended here, to be as prepared as possible to compete successfully in the new B2B and B2C service market conditions.
Substitute in-person meetings with virtual ones when possible. Move on from PowerPoint slide presentation and other outdated sales tools to new, more engaging tech alternatives. Combine sales and marketing efforts for a more cohesive revenue generation program. Adjust sales presentations to simpler, more compelling cases for maximizing ROI from using your portable restroom rental service.
The knowledge gained through the 2020 odyssey has transformed the way selling services will be done in 2021 and beyond. The evolved sales practices will afford their adopters methods of sales process improvement that can help maximize opportunities and positive outcomes in the new year.

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