Business Marketing and Growth in the New Normal 2021 Market

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic shutdown have ostensibly changed the way businesses will operate in the newly adapted commercial and consumer services markets of 2021 and beyond. However, the fact remains that the extent and quality of efforts you put into reaching and engaging with your target market in efforts to gain sales will largely determine your rate of success. But what can be expected to work well under the public health and economic conditions of a continuing pandemic?

By virtually all accounts, many of the alterations we’ve seen businesses make to the fundamentals of their marketing and sales methods and tools as well as to their service and other functional models are now likely to become permanent. Many small businesses and big corporations alike can be expected to go through multiple trial-and-error phases before finding what works to help grow their companies in their new market environments.

What will be the most prudent and effective marketing options in 2021?

Here is a list of well-proven marketing principles that can be expected to withstand the challenges of adapting to new market dynamics and continue to generate sales. An effective marketing program in the 2021 competitive market for portable restroom rental businesses will feature:
• Eye-catching images and exciting textual content
• Easily accessible landing pages, “fast” web pages
• Pricing information or internal links to it through content on every page
• Easy to find information on products and services
• Marketing tailored to the target audience
• Offerings niched to meet the specific needs of the target market

Accommodate customers with omnichannel communications.

Since the shift to omnichannel operations became the way of doing business in the U.S. sales and service business subsector, the preferred modality has been to treat all channels as producers of equal value. However, going into 2021 leading consumer brands can be anticipated to move away from blanketing marketing campaigns across all channels.
They’ve learned that what works well through email may not necessarily perform at the same rate via text. Going forward, consider:
• Varying content types to suit channel types.
• Or, increase the use of some channel types for some campaigns and switch to others for other marketing initiatives.
The new more strategic and flexible channel marketing optimization approach will be one more adaptation to help refine efforts toward more fully personalizing content and preferred means of contact for individual outreach.

Use conversational marketing to generate higher quality leads and repeat sales.

This powerful marketing mode is recognized as a critical methodology for gathering information to improve the competitiveness of a brand by discovering ways to increase product appeal and enhance the customer experience. Customers come to form a stronger sense of connectedness to brands with people they know, and they’re likely to spend more of their money with brands that have earned their trust.
Having two-way conversations with people is a throw-back to the earliest days of modern marketing when sales reps did more cold calling by phone and in person than initial introductions through digital or paper mail or display ad. To succeed with such a conversational marketing model today requires stronger organizational skills, time management diligence, training, coaching, and greater stamina than other approaches. It also needs updated AI capacity to make the most of sales reps’ valuable time.
Some marketing industry experts are anticipating a reduction in emphasis on push marketing campaigns and an increase in the conversational alternative. To keep up:
• Ensure that your business always has at least one communications channel open — maybe your social media page or business phone line.
• Make sure it is attended at all times, so that customers and prospects can reach you as needed, to obtain answers to questions and solutions to their problems.

Use AI-enhanced chatbots for sales, customer services, and more.

Sophisticated modern chatbots have evolved to do much more than direct site visitors to marketing rep queues and provide rudimentary customer support. AI had made chatbots powerful helpers for prospective customers and marketers.
AI enables today’s marketers to transform the website visitor experience into one that is personalized and functionally optimized. Through the added magic of new AP technologies, chatbots will become increasingly accessible as adaptable marketing applications, leading to ever-higher adoption rates.
A chatbot allows you to give your site visitors many kinds of help they want without delay. They’re able to get their questions answered and receive various other kinds of help immediately. So, it’s not surprising that:
• Over two-thirds of web users say the fast service is their favorite feature of web chatbots.
• State-of-art chatbots can provide up to 80 percent of answers to typical questions.

Display attractive product photos.

The ideal way to showcase portable restroom rental products and ancillary product and service lines is by displaying samples of the beautiful and pristine clean units your company provides. Displaying stunning photos enables you to show your products remotely, without the face-to-face tour, and allows you to explain basic information your prospective customer needs to know in order to decide to rent.
Photos are highly versatile marketing tools. They can be used in digital ads, print ads, on billboards, in email marketing pieces, on your website, on vehicle decals and full wraps, and in your in-person sales presentation binder. Unless you have exceptional skills in commercial product photography, hire a professional photographer who specializes in realizing business owners’ vision for their brand.
For business owners featuring a large inventory of blue industrial toilet units, keep in mind that luxury executive restroom trailers are not the only product lines in the industry worthy of or helped by top-shelf marketing imagery. Professional product photographers can do wonders with your porta potties. So, make the most of your showcasing opportunities when your website and product array are being compared apples-for-apples with competitors.

Create Top-Quality Marketing Videos.

Predictably, video continues to grow as a major marketing tool. Industry experts have been emphasizing the superior effectiveness of video marketing in the digital ad space. Short video announcements and ad clips, and longer explainer videos are simply unmatched for success in engaging prospective customers and promoting lead conversion.
Make your videos compatible with mobile devices accessing your website and social pages. Here are some key ways to utilize video to bolster your marketing:
• Promote positive customer reviews
• Maximize coverage of comments from influencers who are fans of your brand
• Informational marketing videos on product features and benefits
• Explainer videos on how to use your products and services
• Dazzling video ads for TV and digital media

Drive traffic to your website by prioritizing SEO.

As part of designing an appealing website, it only makes sense to follow through with the effort necessary to attract attention to it, so that people will visit the site when they’re shopping for the kind of rental product and services that your portable restroom rental business offers.
It’s a modern marketing basic to understand the power of optimizing your site’s searchability by the Google search engine. It arguably maybe today’s most tedious method of marketing. However, spending the time and money to get it right saves you the cost of an unproductive website that you’ve spent a big part of your marketing budget on and were counting on to be your primary generator of new lead traffic.
SEO criteria that your web management team must master include:
• Unique and interesting information that your site’s visitors want
• Marketing content that answers your target audience’s specific questions
• Linking internal pages and back-linking to relevant high-quality sites
• Beautiful images of your products, optimized for your site
• A URL that fits optimization criteria
• Captivating content that motivates high scroll rates

Distribute your own one-page periodic email newsletters.

Email marketing continues to be the topmost cost-effective digital marketing option. Build your email marketing list. But, also pursue other lists that are sent to your target audience too, such as those owned by digital magazines and newsletters, industry influencers in your particular product and service niche, and affiliate marketers.
If you’re on a serious budget and looking to grow your portable restroom rental business, you truly cannot afford not to do email marketing. Consider these two numbers:
1. A spectacular $44 ROI is realized on average for each dollar spent on email marketing.
2. Nearly 90 percent of marketers use email as their main channel for generating sales leads

Maximize the effectiveness of voice searches.

Get ready for an onslaught of voice searches in 2021 and an even higher percentage going forward. It turns out that many people have now had enough of typing on their devices. Voice searches have increased over the past couple of years and it is predicted that over half of all searches will soon be voice launched.
So, it’s time to optimize marketing content on your site and social pages, to ensure that your site is successfully recognized when searched via voice search technology. Here are some preparations businesses should make in their sites, to make the most of their opportunities to acquire their share of leads originating from voice searches:
• Identify voice search keywords, including for local search.
• Include an abundance of long-tail keywords.
• Include FAQs throughout your marketing content.
• Ensure that your site’s pages load quickly. The average voice search takes about 4 1/2 seconds.

Moving On To 2021

So, 2020 happened. We’ve all adapted, at least to some extent, and are moving forward into Q1 2021 in hope that the virus will be extinguished as the bane of the national economic order, earlier rather than later in 2021. As we all proceed into the new year, effective marketing will mean paying attention to new trends in marketing methods and tools that are developed in response to the new digital business environment.
Make sure that you’re taking full advantage of those that offer the most robust solutions to the specific needs of your target audience’s changing needs. Invest in effective design, to rightly anticipate increased sales as a result of your marketing efforts.
By late 2021, the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to have been distributed throughout most of the country, and it is anticipated that consumers and businesses will be able to return to pre-2020 routines. Of course, the residual economic impacts are expected to last much longer. Still, jobs and consumer spending are anticipated to have recovered to some promising extent by then. Of course, none of these expectations are certainties.
So, altogether, what then can be said with confidence about what the successful portable restroom rental business marketing program will be like at that time? Well, less well-funded business owners can expect to confront choices of marketing modes from the list above, among others preferred, while better-financed firms can cover more of the bases.
But, as to what the marketing profile of the successful business in this industry will look like, in terms of its seamless integration and routine application of some or all of these advanced growth tools and practices? Well, it can be said with certainty that it will have a decidedly digital edge over less technologically advanced competitors in its regional market. It will maximize its reliance to the greatest extent feasible on its most cost-effective web and other digital marketing resources.
That business will also be necessarily forward-thinking. In other words, its leadership will strategize and operate under a predictive growth model for 2021 and beyond that features aggressive and exceptionally cost-efficient marketing actions that are reflective of a strong understanding of the enterprise’s integral role in helping generate a robust revival of its local B2C and B2B consumer markets to fully normal volume and dynamics.


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