Hemley’s Septic: Serving Gig Harbor Since 1962

Hemley’s Septic Service got its start almost 60 years ago in 1962. At the time founder, Richard Hemley worked for a company that provided septic repair services. During these formative years, he learned all the ins and outs of septic design, repair, and optimization. So when he saw the first septic pump truck to set wheels in Gig Harbor- called in by a major retailer owing to the fact that no such facility existed withing the city limits-Mr. Hemley quickly realized he could win a corner on the local market by starting his own local septic pumping truck service.

At that moment, he and his wife Annetta started scrimping and saving furiously for the money to buy their own septic pumping truck. They socked away nickels and dimes for years, recycling every aluminum can they could find, until they could finally afford to buy the first septic pump truck to have its home station in Gig Harbor.
It’s one of those classic, heartwarming stories of the American Dream that’s just got all the hallmarks of wholesomeness we love in a start-up story. The Hemleys have two children who were born not too long after the auspicious beginning of Hemley’s Septic Pumping Service. Today, their son Jerry is married and has taken over the family business. Richard and Annetta enjoy classic cars and are enjoying all the pleasures that our retirement years are meant to be rich with.

Hemley’s Septic Services

To this day, few other local septic services can match the list of capabilities that Hemleys offers their community.
Their septic service list includes;
• Septic Tank Cleaning Service
• Septic Tank Inspection Service
• Drain Cleaning
• Septic Tank Troubleshooting/Repair
• Septic Tank Installation
• Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance
• Septic Tank System Rejuvenating
• Grease Trap Services
• HydroJetting
• Camera and Video Pipe Inspection
As you can imagine, their Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance and Septic Tank System Rejuvenating services take up a huge amount of their operational time. But their advanced services like HydroJetting, Camera and Video Pipe Inspection services make Hemley’s an invaluable service provider not only to local homeowners, but they have also made the company an indispensable item on the quick-reference list of medium to large scale organizations all over their local area and the surrounding region.
Their service area includes Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Key Peninsula, Silverdale, North Kitsap, Puyallup, Tacoma, and more.

Hemley’s Portable Toilet Rental Services

Hemley’s Handy Kans portable restroom facilities are light and affordable rental toilet units. This rental service revenue channel has proven highly cost-effective for Hemley and a truly handy option for the company’s septic and industrial plumbing customers. When they need to have portable toilets brought to their sites on short notice, Hemley’s can meet fast delivery demands. The vendor can also service the toilets quickly and effectively, at very competitive rates.
Despite the utility nature of portable toilets, Hemley’s Handy Kans can meet luxury needs for special occasion use too. Industrial and luxury restroom models are available in handicap-friendly designs. Handwashing stations are also available.

HEMLEY’S HANDY KANS PORTABLE TOILET RENTAL SERVICES represents an industry-leading shift from the conventional business model for septic and industrial plumbing companies. The Hemley team believes that no modern septic service company of any size is complete without portable toilet rentals – and no growing community is complete without the availability of this important service!
Hemley’s Handy Kans are functional, durable and supremely practical portable toilets, ideal for construction sites, public events, and so much more. Their practical and reliable toilets are popular with the Washington construction industry, and with local governments for projects, and they’re a real lifesaver for any company that needs portable toilets while expanding their facilities.
Finally, it’s worth noting that Hemley’s business website is fully mobile compatible. That means busy contractors, job bosses, and busy homeowners can order online in the touch of a button. It does make a big difference as an executive or decision-maker to be able to pull the trigger on a portable toilet or septic service with few to zero barriers to delivery. And of course, they make free quotes available through their Free Hemley’s Quote contact form.
It is refreshing to see a waste management company that serves its community with this kind of dedication to speed, follow-through, and commitment to quality.


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