Cen-Tex Waste Water Inc.

In recent months, we’ve covered several portable toilet rental companies and waste management firms which got their start around the end of the second world war. During that part of American history, many such companies got their start in the business due to their foresight and readiness to leverage the developing technologies of the day.

Perhaps the most prominent of these (then) new technologies is the portable toilet itself. Some 70 years ago, the portable was created as a means of facilitating dock work in and around shipyards. Later, toward the end of the 1950s, the technology began to be used on construction sites. By seizing this innovation and making it work for them, many companies adopted portable toilet rentals early and earned themselves a corner on their local markets.
Today’s spotlight, namely Centex Waste Water, Inc, began in the waste management business at a time when it was much harder to enter the field unopposed. Founded in 1977 by J.R. Dillard, Centex Waste Water, Inc is located in the beautiful hills of Kingsland, Texas, serving the area surrounding what locals refer to as “Hill Country.” Rather than leveraging innovative technology early, Centex Waste Water, Inc had to differentiate its brand by offering steep discounts and superior service in a landscape where few others had the nerve to work. That’s not an easy way to muscle in on a competitive industry. But as Kingsland’s leading local waste management and portable toilet rental company – their work ethic and determination stand for themselves.
They specialize in the design, installation, and service of septic systems for residential and commercial use. They also offer a range of portable toilet rental services. They offer impressive discounts on high quantity portable toilet rentals and free estimates on all of their septic systems. And while they maintain normal business hours, they also offer prompt 24-hour emergency septic service to all of Hill Country- which, it’s worth noting is a vast, rugged, and physically demanding terrain.
In recent years, the company has expanded its list of services to include automated alarm systems, discount septic pumping, and monthly scheduled maintenance contracts for major clients.
Interestingly, they even serve the LCRA, which is a local Energy, Water, and Community Services utility organization – which goes a long way to show how far on top of the local waste management industry Centex Waste Water is.
Their choice of portable restrooms reflects the unique challenges and needs in and around Kingsland, TX and they haven’t seen the demand for luxury, full-service, and vanity bathrooms yet. Mr. Dillard says this is because the majority of the contracts they fulfill are construction sites and rural installations. They do not get much of their business from temporary public venues such as fairgrounds, weddings, concerts, and the like. Hill Country, Texas is- as stated- rugged, and relatively hostile. It is a place where hikers come wary and prepared. So moving a lot of luxury bathrooms through these high desert hills isn’t in high demand.
However, where Centex shines is in their custom septic design and installation services. The rugged, rocky, and hill strewn terrain makes it necessary to design custom septic systems on just about every new property since no pre-fabricated systems could possibly suffice for the wide variety of logistical needs found there.
Centex’s website is also well designed so all of their important information can be found on a single page. When you navigate to their “forms” page, you will find an impressive list of items. These represent all of the components of the septic systems they design, build, and install. In other words, you can (in part) select the components of the septic system you want.
Of course, as Mr. J.R. Dillard and his team will tell you, a thorough appraisal of the site by them will be necessary to decide if you can build the facility you want. Sometimes, the job of building out the waste management facilities that one believes one needs in Hill Country means demolishing massive subterranean and super-terranean rock. And to be curt, not a lot of organizations have the wherewithal to take on the liability that comes with large scale dynamiting operations these days.
At the end of the day, while Centex has a level of customer service that’s hard to beat- the fact is that they are installing novel septic systems in a land that few would have the nerve to do such work in. Frankly, it’s one heck of a way to earn a corner on the market!


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