Boyett’s: Quality Sanitation Services Since 1957

Established in 1957, Boyett’s is one of those many local level sanitation companies that did everything right early on in the game. They struck while the iron was hot when it came to getting into the portable restroom rental, supply, and service business by providing rental portable toilets as soon as the technology became available in the area.

Serving the Pensacola, Florida area, the founder and crew learned something that would stop most people dead in their tracks from getting into the septic service business- the fact that the high Florida water table can make septic work a real nightmare! But Boyett’s understood that to have a successful business, you have to do something that no one else is willing or able to do. For Boyett’s, that meant delivering much-needed septic service to the Pensacola community when no one else would. For just about every small to medium-sized septic business we’ve covered, that’s a common thread.

Over the years, Boyett’s built a rapport with the people of the community, establishing solid ties that would lead to bigger things later on. The company has always had a very strong rapport with the local community. These days it shows in the reviews and the nearly perfect rating left by customers. One customer commented that the company went above and beyond in successfully refurbishing a septic tank that has not been serviced in over 20 years. Anyone who knows anything about the septic service business knows that’s no easy task.

Boyett’s has built a community of satisfied customers around itself by providing professional quality septic, pumping, and grease trap services. On the strength of that, they have established themselves as a leading portable restroom and sanitary station rental business.

The company got its start by providing terrific service to a community that dearly needed it, and over time they have taken the lessons they learned through proactive service and developed it into a full service 24/7 emergency response team. When it comes to emergencies, you might call the firefighters or the paramedics- but in Pensacola, Florida, if you have a septic or sanitation emergency- you call Boyett’s.

That being the case, they serve the construction and property development industry in Pensacola as well as the general public, offering rentals for weddings, events, and more with portable units, holding tanks, highrise portables, hoist units and trailers for special events.

Their rental lineup includes;

• Portable restrooms
• Hand washing stations
• Double stall trailer units
• Two-room “Selfie” restroom trailers
• 2 and 3 stall restroom trailers
• Jag residence restroom trailers
• Satellite restroom 5+5 trailers

Boyett’s has helped to shape the region with its contribution to the construction and land development industries. They are always working to improve the quality of their products and services. They succeed in this endeavor by keeping abreast of the latest innovations in portable restrooms and septic service. But they also do it by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the way they do business.

They understand that today’s buying public expects to have full and immediate access to the brand. Boyett’s caters to this demand with a robust social media presence, which is something that only the most dedicated businesses of this kind can claim to do.

A lot of companies will say that they are happy to answer questions, and many truly are willing to spend time fielding customer questions and concerns. But Boyett’s proves it with real-time searchable logs of customer interactions on their social media pages.

This is exceedingly valuable as it enables the customer to actively research and obtain specific information on a given product or service. They employ customer service specialists whose job it is to answer questions, to understand the specific concerns of the customer. Any time you are in the market for something you have never bought before you want very specific information that will tell you how it will fill a space and a need. With Boyett’s, customers get that level of interaction, and Pensacola residents appreciate it.

There is a wealth of insider industry information right on the home page of their website. There, customers can learn about common problems associated with drain fields and the ins and outs of well functioning septic tanks. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find links to their blog pages that contain an unprecedented amount of information.

The dedication that they have shown to educating the curious customer with free and readily available information is very rare in the trades, and much more so in the septic service and rental industry.

All of this is a formula for happy customers, and well-served construction industry. To be frank, we think that many of the major national brands could stand to take a page of two out of Boyett’s customer support team.


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