Why Mobilized Sanitization Zones Are Needed in High-Risk Locations

With more states continuing to open this week, my company, Royal Restrooms, will continue to mobilize sanitization zones across the nation for high-risk locations.

With the CDC’s rapidly changing COVID-19 recommendations as well as the fragile nature of the public’s health currently, theories on how to keep Americans are constantly evolving. The one constant since Day One has been “Wash Your Hands.” In response, Royal Restrooms has shifted the use of our luxury portable restrooms from upscale weddings and events to a more civically-minded, health-focused one. The nationwide fleet of portable restrooms, showers, and handwashing stations are now being mobilized as part of sanitation zones at high-risk locations.

In the first week of March, when there were less than 700 cases of COVID-19 nationwide, Royal Restrooms saw the need for high-risk locations such as nursing homes, fire stations, EMS hubs and doctor’s offices to provide a location for hand sanitation triage before entering the main building. The theory was that if workers and guests were able to properly wash their hands, faces, and perform other hygiene-related tasks outside of the clean work or healthcare-based environment, the spread of the virus may have been slowed.

After several offices set up sanitation zones at medically necessary sites, other businesses and industries followed. Television stations enlisted Royal Restrooms’ sanitation stations to keep their field reporters and camera crews safe after returning from their assignments. Because food service restrictions and stay in place orders were still not issued in many places, restaurants and grocery stores began to request their sanitation zones. When the numbers of COVID-19 cases began to rise in late March, these zones were even more important. The zones were used heavily as more and more people relied on take-out food from restaurants and grocery stores became overrun with customers.

Testing sites soon began to be authorized across the country in big box store parking lots and other ill-equipped locations. Royal Restrooms was able to provide sanitation zones for the medical staff and volunteers who were working on the front lines at these testing locations. Many staffers would see hundreds of potentially ill individuals each day then shower before returning to their homes in the evening, providing an additional layer of protection from the virus for their families.

Many states have set up temporary field hospitals to serve those who are infected with COVID-19. These may be permanent, repurposed locations such as the Javits Center in New York or the tent locations so many are familiar with. Either location can benefit from the sanitation zones that Royal Restrooms is providing. Repurposed locations are not equipped to handle the number of people for the prescribed timeframe and in the correct manner that they are asked to. By adding additional sanitation zones, like Royal Restrooms showers or restrooms, healthcare workers and support staff are provided with a higher level of comfort and safety. Royal Restrooms units can fit inside a traditional warehouse or convention center and are readily usable onsite.

The first weeks of April were the most difficult for the United States so far in the pandemic. Royal Restrooms was ready. We have been working with state, local, and other agencies as well as private sector organizations to move our resources to where they are needed most. While we never envisioned our restrooms to be used in a time of crisis such as this, we are proud that they can play such a small but important role in this fight. By being able to stay connected to my nationwide network of franchisees, I was able to shift restrooms and showers to where the demand has been the greatest and move them as needed. Staying flexible and goal minded has been invaluable.

The key to staying ahead of the curve, pardon the reference, is to literally stay ahead of the curve. When everyone was first having panics about toilet paper, we were strategizing on how to help our customers stay safe. Now, we are listening to our clients and their needs. When we work with a client with multiple locations over many states, we move when they say move. We also are carefully monitoring the CDC predictions and discuss those with our clients to see where we think our sanitation zones will be most needed next. Part of the value of having nationwide offices is that we can access a fleet of restrooms and showers and mobilize them when and where needed. I am optimistic about the use of sanitation stations. Anything we can do to make a husband or mother safer on the job so they can get back home to their family, we will do it.

By David Sauers of Royal Restrooms

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