Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC: Septic Service With a Personal Twist

Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC: Septic Service With a Personal Twist

Like many local septic service and portable restroom rental companies, Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC is a family-owned business with a local history and strong ties to the community it serves. Founded in 1988, the company has developed a strong rapport with their customers. That’s important when you deal with something as potentially disruptive as septic trouble.

Jim’s is very active presence on social media and this is a great example for other contractors. Customers these days expect being able to have their comments and opinions heard by merchants. It’s a lesson that Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling learned late- having only set up their Facebook account in January of 2018. But it’s a decision that has paid off. Today, satisfied customers enjoy being able to log their experience on the company’s Facebook profile- and it’s great for the company, as they are well known for quality service.

Here are a couple of the most representative responses from pleased recipients of Jim’s work;

“I really appreciate the holiday spirit that their equipment is showing this season as it really adds to our cul-de-sac.”
-Dana Springle, Dec. 12, 2019

“Jim’s has my business because they are honest about doing only the work that needs to be done on my system. They respond in a timely manner and do the job right the first time. Highly recommended!”
-John Dickie Kay, Sept 2, 2018

Compared to industry norms, Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC is ahead of the curve when it comes to generating good publicity for themselves online. When customers find their social media page, the first thing they see is a solid “5 out of 5” score for ratings and reviews.

This is also a great way to generate positive word of mouth advertising. When one person receives service from the vendor and writes a good review, they almost invariably tell someone they know about it. Then, when that person eventually needs septic service, they remember that their friend told them about Jim’s. Then they check the social media page, see that the story their friend told them was true, along with several other positive reviews, and they phone up Jim’s.

The alternative for the hypothetical customer is to conduct research, read reviews, and eventually, make a decision. But when a septic tank is acting up- most people want it taken care of as soon as possible. Jim’s social media presence shows that they understand this. For a local business with strong ties to the community, this kind of strategy works wonders.

Portable toilet rentals are more often a business-to-business (B2B) scenario, but oftentimes people will put on a wedding or a local-level sporting event, and if they are familiar with Jim’s through social media, then it’s a no-brainer. Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC rents portable toilets and has become the go-to contractor in Kinston, Williamston, Chocowinity, and Snow Hill, NC for weddings, festivals, worksites, and has served many other miscellaneous large gatherings as well.

They begin their portable toilet rental service in a very personable manner. They will arrange a sit-down discussion of the event with the customer and set down in no uncertain terms exactly what the customer wants, needs, and expects. Oftentimes, the customer doesn’t have a very good idea of how many actual units their event will need. Jim’s has the professionalism and expertise to help them figure out exactly what their guest list requires.

They also provide long term portable toilet rentals. For this, Jim’s will set up a cleaning schedule. Then, after the units are in place, the toilets are used as normal, and Jim’s services them on a regular schedule. Most of the time, the customer doesn’t have to do anything- except perhaps open the occasional gate. But more often than not, Jim’s can deliver 100% hassle-free portable toilet service.

When the customer is done with the units, at the appointed time, or when they call Jim’s to cancel the rental period- Jim’s Liquid Waste Hauling LLC shows up to take the units away. Jim says, “When you’re finished, we come back to haul the units away, as we were never there. We take the worry out of waste!”

In the same way that they engage with their community online, Jim’s shows that they understand their customers implicitly. They know the customer does not want to get bogged down with the details- they prefer to treat toilet rentals the way we treat bathroom tasks normally- with minimal discussion! Jim’s strives to make septic service and toilet rental as anxiety-free as possible- and the community loves it!

They also service grease traps, which means that restaurant owners all over their service area have Jim’s on speed dial!

At the end of the day, what makes them shine is their ability to deliver top-quality service with minimal disruption.


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