How to Build Your Referral Base Fast!

Small to medium-sized businesses can multiply referral business quickly by using this simple, but out-of-the-box online promotional event. The referral base building event is for current and former customers, and current and former prospects. The promo enables your target audience to receive an exciting benefit in exchange for providing sales referrals to your business.
By following a simple process of working your resources of 1) archived leads, 2) current leads, 3) inactive and 4) active customer files, you can generate a referral base that will deliver a lot of dynamic new leads to your luxury restroom rental business.

Special Event To Accelerate Growth of Your Referral Base

This method of developing a referral base is time-tested and pretty straightforward, nothing too complicated. But it requires a routine output of effort. With a little consistency and a compelling promotional email and phone script, your team can work some referral-building magic to exceed your seasonal revenue goals. Here’s how this kind of referral lead-generating campaign works:
The plan is for an online promotional day of drawings for great prizes for drawing entrants, with a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the big day. Drawing entrants are people who visit your site and fill in your referral form to refer a friend, relative, or acquaintance to visit your luxury restroom rental business website.
The people your invited participants refer are also eligible to visit your website and enter the drawings. Prizes are provided by local merchants whom you will approach to collaborate in a mutually rewarding promotional brand-building project.

Start by capturing contact information from all your:

1. Existing active customer files
2. Inactive customer files
3. Current lead files for prospects who have already entered your sales pipeline
4. Archived files of former prospects who provided contact information, but who have never actually done business with your company.
Commit all those internal and external sales leads to a work file. Excel or other spreadsheets are ideal for this purpose, especially for smaller businesses. That’s because it’s a tool you probably already have in your business administrative office software package, so you won’t need to invest in anything more powerful for your promotion.
Spreadsheets are convenient for documenting results of phone calls, sorting and otherwise manipulating cells of information as needed, and they can be fed directly into your auto emailing system. (As a small growing business, your volume of calls to be made for your promo is not likely to require an autodialer and an external call center team to handle your campaign.

Phone Promotional Marketing

Create four separate calling lists, one worksheet in your Excel workbook for each of the above categories of people you will invite to participate in your promo day drawings. Create plenty of space on the worksheet column dedicated to documenting phone calling information for each call entry during your campaign.
For each promo prospect, record dates and times called each time you dial, record whether or not the prospect answered the phone, and the outcome of the conversation.

Your Promo Day Invite Phone Script

Create a brief, warm, welcoming phone script to invite your customers and prospects to visit your website for a virtual tour of your latest luxury restroom rental models and to enter your exclusive drawing online, by filling out your referral form for the exciting prize drawing promotion you’ll be hosting. List the great prizes they can win in the drawing(s) that will be held on the big day. Give your promo day an exciting name, maybe “Welcome to the World of Luxury Restrooms Day!”

Your phone promo script should do four quick, simple things:
1. Briefly explain which merchants have provided what prizes for the drawings on your referral promo day.
2. Mention some of the countless great outdoor events at which luxury restroom facilities would offer guests an exceptional unexpected luxury.
3. Offer a special discount for all new or existing customers who schedule within the designated promo week (i.e., during the week leading up to the promo drawing(s) day) to reserve a rental unit anytime within the following year (or six months, or three months, if you prefer).
4. Ask the call recipient to go to your website to participate, and promise a follow-up email with a promotional code they should enter when they fill in the drawing entry form for themselves and that their guests for the promo should fill in their drawing entry form too.
Explain that their name and their referred friend’s name will both be entered in your drawing to be held on the day of your online promotion!

Email Promotional Marketing

Prepare your emailing list, to start working that resource too. First, clear textual debris from cells, such as unnecessary commas, blanks spaces, prefixes, and suffixes for names, notations, etc.
Write an email with an attachment of your new colorful, professional-quality digital brochure or photos of your latest luxury rental restroom models. Explain that you’re hosting an exciting online promotional event with exciting free prizes and gorgeous luxury restroom models to introduce for their next outdoor event.
In your email content, paint a picture of the ideal warm-weather outdoor event — a family reunion, a company picnic, a community sports league tournament, a town fair, an arts festival, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party, or anyone of the countless other fun open-air events that are popular in your area during the outdoor recreation season. Help your reader imagine how much more warm and wonderful the event can be with the great security and comfort of first-class luxury outdoor restroom accommodations.

Creating Your Prize Drawing Form

Create a fillable form on your website. Keep it very short and simple. Your drawing entry form should include just the customer or prospect’s name and the name and phone number and email address of the friend, family member, coworker, or acquaintance they want to refer to.
But, make the form as attractive as possible. Add color! Add .gif files to the periphery. Add an explainer video to the page, to talk about the great prizes, to talk about your luxury rental restrooms, maybe announce that your business will donate an amount to a popular charity for each drawing entry by invited participants, etc.

The Lead-Up to Your Online Referral Promotion Day!

It’s recommended to wait to begin calling and emailing for your promo until about three weeks before the day of your promotion. Calling too far in advance is likely to cause a drop in enthusiasm before the event begins. During the three weeks leading up to the big day, your team should allocate as much time for phone calling as possible to invite people to participate. All call recipients should receive your follow-up email, to provide the visual images of the phone call content, including lists of the prizes and participating merchants, and, ideally, photos of the prizes.
During the weeks before your promotion, create urgency for staff and invitees by emphasizing that this is a once-per-year opportunity! On the big day, as promised, draw winners of prizes and post their names on your site. Contact prize winners with personal phone calls to congratulate them, and invite them to come in and pick up their prizes and see some of your luxury restrooms. Ideally, you can arrange to have one of your premium units on display that day.
Call your fellow merchants and thank them for working with you, and/or send a nice Thank You card, to express your appreciation. Tell them that you hope they will call on you to reciprocate in one of their future events. This is a valuable call that can generate the kind of goodwill that can build your brand with your local business community.
Reaching Out to Collaborate with Fellow Merchants
The process for obtaining promotional items for featuring at your promotional event is as simple as calling a few local merchants. Invite each one to be a part of your promotion by providing a highly desirable item or a few great items or certificates for free services from their business.
• Explain that, in exchange for their contribution to the success of your event, you will post in a prominent location on your site, the name of their business, along with contact information and a brief description of their products or services (limit to about 50 words).
• Be sure to explain that you will include in a separate space on your site an additional mention of their business, in a Thank You statement in recognition of their business’s help to make your online promotion as beneficial as possible for all your customers and prospects who participate.
• Finally, explain that you will also include a mention of their business in all of your phone calls and emails to your four categories of invitees in your work to build traffic on your site for your big day of promotional drawings and discounts for new and existing customers.
Make sure your fellow merchants are clear on the fact that partnering with you on your business’s promotion is a good opportunity for them. They’ll be receiving comparatively a significant amount of exposure in a high-quality form of promotional advertising, in exchange for providing one or two great items or services from their business. The value they provide in their contributed product(s) or certificate for free service(s) should be of a value that:
• Will excite and motivate your invitees to go to your site and fill out the drawing entry form and have their friends do so too.
• Will reciprocate with the value you and your business’s team will provide to their business with top-quality, one-on-one promotional advertising.

Next Month’s Carry-Over From Online Promotion

Extend your promo for customers and prospects who expressed interest but who did not follow through by the final day of the promotion. Load the names from your drawing entry data into two columns in your calling list, then sort your calling list to created duplications.
Then, you can call back all those on your lists that do not show duplications, which will be easy to identify by the entire lines of blank cells following the two populated columns on the lines with names duplicating the names immediately above them. (Later, you can command Excel to label No Shows and remove duplicates, to produce a clean list for your next promotion of this kind.)
Renew the promo on an annual basis, building on the base of promo prospects and the new revenue base generated from it.

Sustainable Online Referral Promotion

This online promotion to build a referral base can work to increase your referrals comparatively quickly. But, it is not meant to be used as a one-off proposition. For best results in building a robust referral program for your luxury restroom rental business using this promotional tool, plan to repeat the process annually. This fun online promotional event can draw an abundance of positive attention to your business in a way that is fun for your audience, and it can help carry your referral-building program throughout the year and increase your rate of referral orders.
Beyond increasing the percentage of new customers from referral orders that your program will naturally deliver over time — building a customer base of people who know many of your other customers is the highest quality way possible to establish a close network of fans for your portable restroom rental business.

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