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The Barnes family began providing septic and sewer treatment services at a time when the industry was very different. In 1957, concepts like microbial community analysis, health-related microorganisms, and biological nutrient removal were novel, and at best- revolutionary.

63 years ago, the Barnes family patriarch, C.A. Barnes, started by providing the people in his local community with valuable drain and septic cleaning services at neighborly prices. With few regulations, and working on a shoestring budget, C.A. had his work cut out for him. For 29 years, before his passing in 1986, C.A. Barnes established the Barnes family name as the leading septic and drain cleaning service in and around Winchester, Indiana. In 1986, C.A. Barnes’ son, Larry Barnes took over his father’s business and expanded the company’s list of services to include portable toilets and restrooms.

As many small septic and drain cleaning businesses have discovered over the last 30 years, adding portable restroom and toilet services is a fantastic way to develop a company in a growing community. Not only does it make the business a desirable go-to partner for construction companies doing local development- but it also brings more opportunity for outdoor entertainment venues to bring tourism and other forms of economic activity to the area.

As a testament to the company’s growth, they have come to serve more than 30 towns in six different counties. Of course, if you’re slightly outside their service area, they might be able to fit you into their schedule- but you’re going to have a bit of a wait, as the Barnes Family Sewer and Septic Company is in high demand.

Larry Barnes retired in 2006 and passed the company to the third generation of Barneses. To accommodate their impressive growth as a small sewer, septic, and portable restroom company, Barnes Sewer and Septic’s owners, Shawnda (Barnes) and her husband, Robert Bond, on-boarded the professional services of their parents, Marlene and Larry. This made the Barnes Sewer and Septic company a fourth-generation company- solidifying their place in the community as to area’s go-to sewer and septic service.

Barnes Sewer and Septic Portable Toilet Services

The Barnes Sewer company caters to sanitation needs for individuals, businesses, special event planners, and more. They have served the toileting needs of local County Fairs, Weddings, family and high school reunions, agricultural and farming projects both long term and temporary, in addition to many other special outdoor events.

Their inventory includes more than 100 portable toilet units, and over the last 20 years they have become the most well-known purveyor of portable toilets in Winchester, Richmond, Muncie, Portland, IN, and Greenville, OH. They are among the first organizations to offer portable toilet rental services in their area and are certainly a local industry leader. Their current inventory and capabilities enable them to serve crowds ranging in size from 0 to 50 people up to 10,000 people.

Over the last two decades, the Barnes Family Sewer company has always kept up with the times by incorporating the newest portable toilets available. They have addressed all of the important innovations in portable toilet sanitation and technology to assure that their products and services serve the impeccable reputation that they have earned over the years.

Barnes Sewer and Septic Services

The Barnes Sewer and Septic company still provide septic and drain cleaning for their local community, although their focus has shifted largely to the rental and service of portable toilets. As a service to the community, they have made a set of valuable septic tank tips, hints, and recommendations available to the public. When you visit their site,, you have the option to view their septic tips page or download it for later reference.

Not many for-profit organizations are willing to give away so many trade secrets to benefit their friends and neighbors. The tips start with the all-important brief list of top “Septic Don’ts”

They are;

• Don’t take the attitude of “Out of sight, out of mind”
• Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke
• Properly functioning septic systems never need to be pumped

They also warn against using chemicals like antibacterial soap, drain cleaners, and especially “Every Flush” Toilet Bowl Cleaner. They recommend using low Phosphate (0-5%) dishwasher soap in the smallest possible amount. They say you should use laundry detergents that do not contain phosphate or bleach. They also recommend recycling channels to dispose of solvents, antifreeze, paint, and other chemicals. If these items enter your septic tank system, they warn you, they will kill helpful bacteria in the septic tank that serve to break down waste material and allow your tank to go much longer between cleanings.

Of course, for those of us in the industry, these are well-established norms. But for the average homeowner, these things are not exactly common knowledge. It just goes to show that when it comes to delivering caring and conscientious sewer and septic work to their community, the Barnes Family cares just a little bit more.


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