Central Maine Septic & Portable Rentals

Family Run and Operated Year-Round Maine Septic Service

While this is the first generation in this business, the owners of Central Maine Septic & Portable Rentals are proud to work together and get their extended family involved in their day-to-day life and operations. Rick and Wendy Turner started the business in 2002 after getting the advice of a good friend and they haven’t looked back since. Rick had been driving a log truck, which is very challenging in Maine in the winter. Logging goes on no matter what the weather and Rick got into an accident that made him evaluate his choices more carefully. He was all right after the accident, but it was a turning point for him as far as deciding what to do for the rest of his life. He wanted to stay in Maine and do something different, and he found a great business where he could use the skills he already had.

Natural Growth

After talking with his friend, Rick decided to go into the portable restroom rental business. He and Wendy started the business small, renting out portable toilets. As they learned more and became more experienced, they added services, expanding into repairing and installing full septic systems, adding on high pressure jetting for frozen lines, and replacing pump stations. They also help out with special events, bringing portable restrooms for special occasions in the area.

The most recent service added to Central Maine’s list terralifting, a system that has only been around since the late 1990s. With terralifting, old problems with soil can finally be solved in a more economical, convenient way. Soil particles can become so wet the drain fields fail, making it impossible to use the ground without a lot of hard work. Terralifting can create fissures in the soil by using infiltrators which can hold air and get the ground to start taking water again.

Company Resources

The company is small but has two septic tank trunks, three portapotty trucks, a van for pump repairs, and a high-pressure jetting truck. Wendy Turner works in 
the office and has someone else in the office who helps with the operations, but she also goes out on the truck during the winter slow season when it is harder to find someone else to help. She understands all the different levels of the business’s operations.
Rick Turner, her co-owner and husband, spends most of his time out on the service calls and other jobs, managing the other employees and making sure everyone is where they need to be. Central Maine Septic hires locals, bringing in people to help who live in the area. The Turners are actively involved in their community and are grateful for the support they’ve had over the years.

Centrally Placed

The business services about a 50-mile radius, including Waterville, Skowhegan, Farmington. and other locations in Central Maine. Skowhegan the actual location for the office, and the base for all the operations
Central Maine Septic helps its customers even in the dead of winter, dealing with Maine’s snow and ice to help make sure their customers get the help they need. Rick’s experience driving in the logging industry doubtless helps him to handle the harsh conditions.

New Family and Community Traditions

The Turners bring their family, including the grandchildren, so they can see the way the business operates and even check out the equipment. Rick and Wendy hope the family will take on the business after they retire, and they work hard to keep the equipment updated and keep themselves and their employees safe.
When the work truck pulls up, it’s not unusual to see the company mascot, a yellow lab named Annie. She rides along and keeps them company while the others do the hard part of the work.
As part of keeping the business small and community-minded, Wendy says that they have set up reminder lists that they can use to remind people when they need certain kinds of services. While some of their septic maintenance is frequent, others are far more spread out. So for instance, there is a donut shop where they have a contract to come every three months and a large nursing home where they do maintenance every two months, but for customers who only need help every few years, Central Maine Septic makes a point to contact customers years later just to remind them that it’s time again.

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