How to Maintain Your Restroom Trailer During an Event

During a festival, event, or business remodel a functioning restroom is a necessity but not always a pleasant one. Many times, organizers utilize portable restrooms to fill in where a traditional restroom cannot. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance and cleaning, the act of using a portable restroom can be incredibly unpleasant. Many industry studies show that event guests or customers will leave an event or cut their stay short when the need to use a restroom occurs rather than have to use a portable restroom or a traditional one they find unpleasant.

A portable luxury restroom has the potential to be a different experience from these last-resort options. If the portable restrooms are maintained and cleaned by staff in the same manner in which they would clean a home restroom, the experience can be a pleasant one for guests. The method of cleaning a portable restroom is more intense than a home restroom. Because of the heavy foot traffic and multi-users, high trafficked restrooms require a more thorough eye and stronger, more potent, commercial-grade cleaners than those used in the home setting. By keeping restrooms clean, a portable restroom or a traditional one, the experience for guests can be more enjoyable and provide a memorable experience.

Using a public restroom is a highly personal and private experience. From the hand towels to the toilet paper, a clean restroom provides a moment of personal space in a tidy bathroom and leaves a lasting impression on the guest about the host or event venue that has provided it. As with any portion of a commercial or industrial setting, the staff should take great pride in maintaining a perfectly pristine restroom facility. When staff takes the time to ensure the small details of cleanliness are taken care of, guests feel that the more visible portions of the event are surely exceptional. Maintaining high sanitary conditions is one way to set your business apart from others easily and effectively.

Royal Restrooms cleans in a “top to bottom” method, the industry standard. Large items are addressed first and foremost. All trash receptacles are emptied and rubbish is carried away first. The consumables such as soaps, paper towels, and toilet paper dispensers are refilled when necessary. Understock is replenished if appropriate. All urinals and toilets are then cleaned and refilled with the appropriate “maintenance” chemicals added if needed. Walls and fixtures need to be sanitized at this point in the process. Sinks and countertops are next with mirrors shined afterward. Finally, the floors need to be mopped. The ‘top to bottom” method ensures that bacteria are contained within the process and is not spread at any point.

A thorough and deep cleaning of each restroom is needed between rentals and regularly during a long-term rental. During an event it is sometimes imperative to have on-site attendants to monitor the restrooms to ensure the same standard of cleanliness and service. The on-site attendant can step in between guests to guarantee all paper products are stocked, mirrors are spotless, and floors are tidy. There is no chance that a guest walks into a soiled stall, a wet sink area, or malfunctioning equipment because the attendant is always there to check the status of the areas. By having these on-site attendants, the restroom facilities remain pristine. The guest leaves with a favorable impression of the restroom, the event, and the host.

Keeping a portable restroom fresh and clean is no easy task and it can be particularly challenging in the case of long-term rentals and multi-day events where usage is very frequent.

When hosting an event, party, or wedding, your guests being 100% safe should be a top priority and if you follow the insight above, everything should go smooth sailing.

David Sauers is CEO and Founder of Royal Restrooms, a leader in the luxury portable restroom and shower rental industry by providing superior products, the best possible service, and a lasting positive experience for every client and guest served. In ten years of business, the Royal Restrooms product line has expanded to over a dozen varied designs and sizes to include portable shower trailers, ADA certified restrooms and showers, and premium models. The team designed their Royal Restrooms with consideration to the comforts of home. The spacious restrooms included functioning bathroom fixtures, lights, vanities and mirrors, climate control, and toiletries.

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