Top Social Media Resources for Portable Restroom Businesses

There are a variety of social media resources that offer important advantages for portable toilet industry rental businesses. Many of these provide forums for engagement with truck, trailer, tank and other equipment suppliers, other vendors, workers, customers and prospects. Solo pages and group pages on social platforms, business websites’ community pages, and other social spaces are dedicated to sharing information and interactions between industry participants.
To establish the kind of presence that is most beneficial for a portable restroom business on social media, it’s important to understand the purposes of the various social outlets, the kinds of posts people are sharing on them, the kinds of discussions that ensue from posts, and other notable points. Some of the today’s most impactful advertising, marketing, branding initiatives and the most operationally useful communications are all happening through social media.
Portable restroom rental business owners who understand the business case for the role of social media in advancing the mission of their enterprises are already actively engaged on as many platforms that can benefit their businesses as possible. It’ definitely time for the rest to come on board. Below is a list of some prominent online social resources you can use to get your business socially involved:
Why Should My Business Use Social Media?
In highly competitive portable restroom rental markets, social media is an indispensable resource for communicating with people throughout your local region and beyond, to share information and other critical resources for your success. This form of business/social interaction:
• Humanizes your business, letting customers, prospects and employees get to know you a little on a more personal level. That’s an exceptional opportunity to build the kinds of relationships that lead to loyalty, prized word-of-mouth advertising, and long-term repeat and referral business growth.
• Making yourself or someone from your company available to engage with your customers and prospects in online social spaces also accommodates users’ preferences to interact with their vendors online, and in less formal, more organic business/social environments.
• It expands people’s options for communications with your business, letting them use whatever means of communication they prefer, instead of being limited to phone calls and emails.
• It also places you and your business in the locations where your customers and prospects already are. It puts you in the environments where they’re spending time with friends and doing other business.
• In addition to engaging on your social page, you can run ads on Facebook, and you can boost your ads for small additional fees, to multiply their distribution by amounts that you choose.
Portable Restroom Rental Industry Associations
The Portable Sanitation Association International website is located at The PSAI publishes information on the site that can help members succeed with startups and in long-term operations of portable restroom rental businesses. The site links to PSAI virtual round-table discussions of topics that are highly relevant to portable restroom businesses. It also features internal links to its online resource library, a supplier directory, published industry standards and guidelines, and registration forms for upcoming industry training events.
The PSAI site publishes an abundance of current industry news, vendor advertisements, discount opportunities and other helpful resources, including referral opportunities, and interaction with industry peers through the organization’s Alliance, conventions and trade shows, and periodic nationwide conference, among other formal networking and business/social engagement opportunities.
The association’s Facebook page, at, offers information about upcoming industry events, news and photos of past events, and member comment postings, and open discussion space and the Facebook Messenger private texting function.
Portable Restroom Rental Business Owner Peer Pages
In the internal Facebook member search field, enter “portable restroom rentals” to bring up a wealth of pages for portable restroom businesses throughout the country. Click on a few, to see what other portable restroom business owners are doing to engage with their customers, employees, vendors and other restroom rental business proprietors.
This is an exceptional resource for shopping ideas for your own page, to get started increasing your business social engagement with everyone involved in making your business a success. It’s a great space to build relationships of greater rapport and trust, resolve problems, provide and receive expert advice, share knowledge and help people.
It is recommended that every portable restroom business put up a free Facebook page, post to it routinely, ask customers to add comments to it about their experience with your business, and encourage prospects to visit the page to gain insights into the company’s service philosophy and culture, and its reputation with current and former customers.
Equipment Manufacturers’ Pages for Customers
Restroom trailer, portable toilet, tank truck manufacturers, equipment servicers, and supply providers offer social media engagement opportunities to help their customers, employees and vendors get to know their companies and teams from behind-the-scenes.
Additional Social Resources
Of course, in addition to Facebook, there are other formal social media platforms that portable restroom businesses can use to reach out to their target markets, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat to name of few of the most popular ones. Other online interactive opportunities include:
• Product and service review pages on Yelp, Google, Foursquare, MerchantCircle, Angie’s List, and pages dedicated to reviews on some vendors’ sites.
• Conference workshop sites offer event-specific or topic-specific online discussion and attendee networking options. When you attend, be sure to take all literature you receive with you, and enter contact info from all of it into your business contacts, for follow-up and future reference.
• Convention panel discussion comment pages provide opportunities to discuss learning events and ideas and to network with other attendees.
Conclusion: Go Social ASAP!
Social pages make room for comments from individual portable toilet unit and tank truck vendors throughout the world and portable toilet rental business owners. Social facilitates conversations between all of the above industry participants on every imaginable industry-related topic. These include such discussions as opinions on maintenance issues, brand preferences, posted articles on portable restroom service, equipment maintenance, ideas and issues.
We’re in a social age. Local as well as national business owners can’t afford not to take the time to tap into the business advantages of engaging on social platforms. So, if your business doesn’t already have an active Facebook page, at minimum, now is the time to get inspired and step up your game.

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