7 Small Business Marketing Tips for 2019

Many businesses look to make adjustments as they start implementing strategize for a new year. Small businesses are, by definition, constrained by budget. Therefore, it’s a given that marketing your portable restroom products and services effectively can be a challenge. Plus, many business owners find it very demanding to do a great job with marketing while they’re laser-focused on growing their business. Here are some great tips to help you tap into low- and no-cost marketing resources and strategies that can move your business forward in 2019.

1. Use Networks to Make Friendships, Not Sales.
The most effective way to step up your networking results is to start thinking of networking as making friends, not as marketing or selling. So, as a local B2B services provider, you might decide to mostly network through your local business organizations and events. Those are typically highly productive venues for connecting with prospective clients and for letting people get to know you and learn about your company’s services and relationships with satisfied clients.
If you have a small local portable restroom operation, your local audience composition is very different than a company that is dispatching throughout the country. Focus should be on local SEO, your Facebook page, local online and offline networks, etc.. Use your Facebook page to publish information about local 2019 events that you’re working and other company news.
Guide your audience from your Facebook page back to your website, for lead capture. Also, to double the effects of your efforts, use methods for driving your offline traffic to your online marketing outlets and vice versa, by using each to reference the other.

2. Use the Most Productive Marketing Channels.
There are great numbers of both paid online marketing channels and free organic offline tools you can use to get the message about your small business to your local target market. But, spreading your efforts too thin by trying to exploit any and all channels can end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Picking the most effective channels to reach your market and focusing on maximizing your effectiveness in those is likely to yield more sales traffic for you than trying to manage a broader, more complex marketing program.
Test some of the various campaigns and standard marketing channels that have caught your eye as potential producers for your business. Experimenting is the way all marketers figure out what works for their particular companies. But, the big results is in settling on only those that are most productive for you and focusing most of your marketing efforts on those. That approach shrinks the learning curve and generates much more consistent results.

3. Build Business Relationships Through Email Marketing.
Email marketing is one of today’s most productive and popular methods for keeping in touch with current clients and prospects. There are lots of options in low- or no-cost email marketing tools for integrating email software with your business website. These can automatically transfer of your lead collections from your website to the email management software.
On your website, you can offer free trials and 2019 service giveaways, to motivate visitors to share their contact information on your contact form page or in popup fields. Consider offering a high-quality low-cost service product, to encourage your portable restroom rental prospects to enter your sales pipeline.
You can build a relationships with people on your emailing list through purposeful campaigns. Regular communications helps keep your business fresh in your clients’ and prospects’ minds and in their considerations of potential suppliers. Automated email campaigns that you can set up include “Welcome” emailers for new entrants to your emailing roster, discount offers, new service and product introductions, coming events announcements, industry educational information emailers, re-engagement campaigns for former customers, and others.

4. Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story.
When producing your marketing content, keep in mind that the primary goal is to create a unique brand voice that will build an audience for your marketing content. Convey your brand’s personality—formal or informal, humorous, warm, earnest, etc..
Make your content informative and entertaining. Use words with emotional appeal and that represent what you want people to know that your brand is about. You can Google search to find plenty of words to match any emotions you want to communicate.
Using a voice that projects a consistent personality helps in reinforcing the connection you’ve established with your audience. But, customize your content, to fit in on each social channel you use. Learn the 2019 trends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social channels you use, to understand what resonates with users there.

5. Utilize Your Free Google My Business Page.
Over 80% of daily internet searches throughout the world are done on the Google search engine. The Google My Business (GMB) page is a free web tool. It’s designed to help drive customers to your website, help you control local information posted about your company, interact with your customers, and manage your business’s online reputation. But only about half of all small business take advantage of this enormously valuable tool.
With the GMB tool, you can enter details about your business, including contact information, your website and social page URLs, your company’s physical location, and photos. You can even create posts on the page, to share updates and information about your business. As a local business, you can optimize your entries in order to have your business displayed in Google’s “Local 3-Pack”. These are the first 3 results displayed in Google’s search results for business of your type in your area. So, proper optimization of your GMB page affects your business’s rankings in local search results.
The GMB page also exhibits star ratings and reviews for your business along with others in your area. That means that having too little information entered can negatively impact your online image as a well-established business. On the other hand, having an optimized page can help you reach and attract many customers who might otherwise not pay attention to your business’s listing.

6. Seek Co-Marketing Opportunities.
It’s difficult for small businesses to make their voices heard online. One excellent way to help avoid being overlooked is to combine forces with other small businesses in your area. Find businesses that are not competitors of any of your services, but who market to the same audience that you want to reach. Make sure that the businesses you approach with the idea of co-marketing use the same or similar marketing channels that you do.
You can co-market by organizing local events together around common themes. Consider co-sponsoring local 2019 activities and participation in larger local and regional events. Also, look at offering coordinated promotional discounts.
You can also reciprocate in cross-promotion, by mentioning each other in marketing content whenever possible. Just make sure that you only do so in marketing materials, locations and ways in which you can make the inclusion of another business without confusing your message and distracting your audience.

7. Create Explainer Videos and Information Update Videos.
Visual content is exceptionally popular in today’s marketing, and it’s expected to become even more heavily used over the coming years. An abundance of readily-accessible marketing research all indicates that marketing with interesting, funny, or emotionally evocative video images is very powerful. Such imagery resonates with audiences more strongly and sticks in their memories for much longer periods than other types.
You can use a professional-grade camera, or just your smartphone to shoot your own great videos, and you can edit them using one of the various free apps. Animated explainer videos also can be very effective.
The success of any explainer video is built on a good script. First, describe the pain point. Then, introduce your portable restroom rental products as the solution. Explain how your service works. Next, tell how viewers can get started using your solution to their problem. End with a focused call to action that includes your business’s contact information and any information about promotional discounts you may be offering.
Remember to focus your video content on promoting the benefits of your products and services, not the features of those. Create your explainer video by thinking from the perspective of your prospective customer. Strive to engage people, not to teach them.

Onward into 2019
As a small portable restroom business owner, remember the primary requirements for establishing your reputation in your local market: Be selective about the marketing channels to which you apply your time, energy and money, and create high-quality marketing in those. Today, quality marketing is about being genuine and helpful. Creating a unique narrative in your marketing captures more attention, and people remember it longer.
Cultivate the voice of your brand, to grow a following of fans across your local target market. Finally, be persistent with your marketing efforts through 2019, to realize just how great the ROI from sustained and methodical local marketing efforts can be.

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