Gearing Up For The Busy Spring And Summer Seasons

Spring has arrived. Finally, right? You may have noticed that your septic business seems to taper off in the cold winter months especially around the holidays when people are less likely to make service calls. Now that March is here it’s time to gear up for the proverbial “busy season.” Getting your crews and office staff ready to handle the influx of calls and work is vital to your success. You have to be on your “A” game during these upcoming seasons to keep up with the extra work. After all, you probably make the majority of your revenue during these all-important months, so let’s get you some tips to make this your best season ever. Here’s how to effectively gear up for the busy spring and summer seasons.

Evaluate How Last Year Went
Before making any plans going into the new season evaluate how you performed last year. Were you under or overstaffed? Are there concrete ways you can improve your crews’ performance? If there are adjustments you need to make as far as equipment goes, updating vehicles or parts, and making sure you are fully stocked, do it now. You have the time still before everything is in full swing, so use this getting ready period wisely now to the best of your ability. If you need to order new equipment and have the capital to do so, it’s going to help you, in the long run, to make sure everything is fully loaded and ready to roll.

Have a Kick-Off Meeting
In order to get everyone on the same page of working harder with longer hours and overtime as a possibility, it’s important to have a kick-off meeting. At this meeting, you can lay out your expectations to your crews and staff, inspire them to be the best they can be during the busy season, and in general just check in with everyone to solidify the team.
This meeting can be motivating and fun! Make sure you spring for some coffee and donuts or even make it a special lunch meeting for your staff. They work hard for you all year long and it’s helpful if you show some appreciation, if you want them to do their best for you.

Fill In Training Holes And Make Schedule In Advance
Check in with all of your people to make sure there aren’t any issues or time considerations to worry about as far as training or scheduling goes. Having the schedules made out far in advance will help when it comes to fitting in time off or vacations for your crews, if they request them way ahead of the busy season.
Plus, if some of your crews are lacking the proper training to perform at their best in an accelerated climate, get on that now so they are prepared for whatever work comes their way.

Finish Hiring Now
If you still have some holes in your staff and crews, finish your hiring as soon as possible. This is something you don’t want to wait on when all the good people get snapped up fast. Hopefully, you have a short list of people ready and waiting to be interviewed. The last thing you want is to go into the busy season short-staffed. That’s a recipe for disaster where you overwork your crews and burnout can become a serious issue among your team.

Take Breaks When You Can In Peak Season
Remember that even during the busy season, you as a liquid waste company owner and your crews are going to need some downtime. Don’t overwork yourself and your staff to the point where the work suffers. That’s the best way to lose clients and contracts that you rely on. Running a successful company is all about balance.
This can be a tricky skill to learn especially in peak season where the attitude is go, go, go! But having enough time to recharge is so important for everyone. That way your septic business will thrive during the high pressure of peak season and all year long.

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